Outdoor Camping Tips: 20 Camping Dos & Don’ts You Must Know

Ever wondered how life in the wilderness is really like? Is that like what you see in the music videos?

How amazing it would be to spend some quality time all by yourself, close to nature. If you have already decided to embark upon your journey of a lifetime, this post is for you.

Here I present twenty outdoor camping tips that will make your camping experience evergreen:


20 Outdoor Camping Tips


1. Be Cautious About Your Pets:Pets

Bringing your pet on your camping trip is a very pleasant experience. Keep in mind that they don’t get harmed by wild animals or germs they are prone to. Clean food bowl, leash and water are also mandatory.

2. Don’t Forget Your Survival Kit:

Always be prepared for adverse situations. You can make your own kit with waterproof matches, water purifying tablets, survival knife, flashlight etc.

3. Track Your Track:

A compass, a map and a GPS will come in real handy if you get lost. It is sort of a common phenomenon for campers to make this mistake of getting lost. It can cause your life if you are not a survival expert.

4. Know Your Surroundings:

Beware of bugs, bears and poisonous herbs. Look out for wasp nests, other insects and bugs. Wear a long sleeve shirt and keep an insect repeller. Avoid poison ivy and three leaf clusters to get rid of toxic plants. Disposal of your foods helps to keep the bear away.

5. Dress Properly:

Wear your dresses based on the weather and type of the camping site. Wear long sleeve shirt, thermal underwear, hiking boots or closed toe shoes. Don’t forget packing a waterproof poncho to protect yourself from the rain and Hypothermia.

6. No Waste Littering:Littering

Make sure you leave no trace. Don’t camp near any lake or stream. Bury human waste 6 to 8 inches below the surface ground. Take bath or wash clothes at least 200 feet away from ponds or lakes. Leave the natural objects or artifacts as they were.

7. Prepare Food Carefully:

Preserve quick meals in plastic paper bags. Always carry water for cooking & showering purpose. Make sure you don’t overcook or under cook stuff, they can make you ill. Don’t use water from any questionable source.

8. Choose Appropriate Sleeping Bag:

Choose your sleeping based on the season and the weather.Lightweight sleeping bag for Summer and a bit warmer on the Winter are appropriate. Warmer ones preserve your body heat. Synthetic bags dry quickly, but goose feathered ones are easier for carrying around.

9. Create Your Shelter Before Dark:

Pitch your camp before it’s dark. It becomes way harder when you try to pitch a camp once it’s dark. The Sunset happens suddenly in the wild. This happens because of the trees and the shades throughout the day. Running around in the dark without a shelter will make you prone to danger.

10. Be Organized:

Keep track of your things and beings. Losing something in the middle of a trip will open the Hellgate.

11. Coffee Bags:

Coffee makes your morning mood. Keep some coffee bags, filters and degradable coffee cups with you. Store the travel mugs in a plastic bag so that they don’t get soaked.

12. Practice Good Hygiene:

Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, biodegradable soap, dental floss and bottle sterilizer full of clean water. Take off your shoes every time your socks are soaked and dry them. Washcloths, toothbrush and aluminum foils come handy in backpacking trips.

13. Hammocks:Hammocks

Don’t forget hammocks if you are car camping. You can enjoy beautiful panorama swinging by one. These can be easily installed with cars.

14. DIY Candles:

Flame-less candles you can make by yourself for setting up a romantic mood. Use a drill bit to hollow out taper candles and insert 1/4th of the candle in the drill bit.

15. Rosemary Leaves On The Coals:

While grilling your meat or fish, put some Rosemary leaves on the coals. It will give a nice and perfect smell to you food items rather than coal burnt smell.

16. Keep The Mosquitoes Away:

Don’t forget to bring a mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes can cause major harm to your health.

17. Radio and Flashlight:

Keep a radio for soothing music & weather forecast and flashlight for your night journeys to the bathroom.

18. Extra Batteries:

Always keep extra batteries for security purpose. In case if one dies or get soaked in water, You can’t afford using a dead flashlight or radio.

19. Use Coolers To Store Ice:

Store as many ices as your cooler can hold. Nothing feels more satisfying than a bottle of cold beverage in a scorching summer day.

20. Carry Firewoods:Firewoods

Don’t rely on cutting logs and making fuel for yourself. Carry dry solid firewoods. Fire keeps the wild animals away and gives you a serene secure feeling.

I hope these 20 tips help you with your next backpacking trip. Have a great one !! 🙂

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