6 Killer Newborn Baby Care Tips : Guideline For New Parents!

Have you ever tried shopping for a newborn? Doesn’t it feel like you need everything and anything? If that’s the case I must assure you that you are not the only one. In this very exciting phase of your life, you will try to give to your little precious. But the only thing that your baby can’t have enough is your love and this article is going to help you how to take care of the rest of these newborn baby tips. So without further ado..let’s get started.

Six Killer Newborn Baby Care Tips

Before The Guest Arrives:

The responsibility starts before the baby is born. The mother needs to be taken care of the most but it is also the time to make preparations beforehand. First, The most important thing to do is to have everything bought before the baby arrives. For that, you have to be sure of what to buy.  Secondly,  taking care of the baby may be overwhelming for the parents to do alone. So, a helping hand is needed. Also, baby proofing is necessary. So, those are the things to do before the baby arrives.

Breastfeeding:Breastfeeding-Newborn Baby Tips

There is nothing new to say about the importance of breastfeeding for both the newborn baby and the mother. The rule is breastfed as much as the baby needs which is ideally 8-12 times in 24 hours. Look at the baby, laugh and talk to the baby while breastfeeding. Avoid formula at first and try not to use feeder(bottle) at first. Don’t freeze the breast milk unless you absolutely need to. Needless to say, a mother has to eat properly for the breast milk to be produced.

Get Baby To Stop Crying:

When a newborn baby cries most of the time it means that either the baby needs a diaper change or the baby is hungry. Else, the baby is not comfortable with the environment it is in. The first thing to do to check the diaper and try to feed the baby. If that does not work then move the baby from side to side swinging. Also, wrap the baby in a warm blanket so it feels secure. Try to understand the signs the baby makes when the baby is hungry or needs a diaper change or is not comfortable with the clothes. When you can get your baby to stop crying you know that you are doing something right.

Get The Baby To Follow A Sleep Routine:

You don’t want your baby to be awake all night. However, first 4 weeks babies will have naps of 2-3 hours throughout a day which makes them sleep for 16-18 hours in 24hours. But after 2 weeks you can start teaching your baby the difference between day and night. The first technique is swaddling at night. Swaddle is wrapping your baby with a warm soft cloth which gives them the feeling of mother’s womb. Secondly, keep the baby’s room bright during daytime and let the baby listen to the normal sound s from around like-doorbell, television etc. Also, talk and play with them throughout the day. At night, keep the sound minimum and make the room darker for the baby. Also, change the baby into something more comfortable or in a nighttime dress before getting the baby to sleep and change it back to regular clothes in the morning.  Also, massage the baby from head to toe gently before sleep time. Lastly, make sure the baby is well fed before going to sleep so that it does not wake up in the middle of the hungry. Getting the baby into a proper sleep routine can make taking care of the baby so much easier.

Development Of Baby’s Mind:changing diaper

At birth, a baby contains 100 billion neurons. In the first months, a baby is going to create billions of neural connections. Some little steps can help your baby with a mental boost. The best way is to interact, changing a diaper is the best time for that. Talk through everything that you are doing with the baby, small steps like how you are making baby food, changing the diaper etc. Also, let the baby react and respond accordingly. Keep bright toys and shapes in front of the baby. In such significant time, such doing such small things can take your baby’s mental development a long way.


No matter what you do being organized makes the task so much easier. But for taking care of a newborn baby being organized is very much essential because you are constantly busy with the baby and handling baby stuff, it’s very easy to make a mess but very hard to clean it up. There should be separate stations for a diaper change, clothes change and feeding. Clothes should not get mixed with toys. There has to be a basket for used diaper and for those who don’t use diaper all the time those special purpose clothes are needed to wash it every 12 hours. Wash the dishes immediately after feeding the baby. Also, keep everything off the baby clean and try to make it as germ-free as possible. The main key is to keep everything in its places maintaining it.

In the end, there is one thing left to say is- love the baby as much as you can give all your attention and effort. You can never be 100% prepared for it. There is no perfect way to raise your baby than your way. All these new born baby care tips are just to help you along the way. There will be so many surprises also there are so many things you will learn along the way and each day you will get better and better. The last newborn baby tip there is to give is -JUST ENJOY IT!



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