Makeup Tips For Girls : 20 Ultimate Tips Everyone Should Know

Over the period of using makeups, I have discovered several things myself. Just wanted to create a directory the bests among them, so that these could be of some use to you and you don’t have to rediscover the wheel.


20 Ultimate Makeup Tips


1.ConcealerConcealer-makeup tips for girls

Don’t use concealer or foundation for airbrush makeup on your eyelids. Because of frequent movement of your eyelids, It will cause your makeup to form crease marks.


You can use your fingers to apply your foundation if you are looking for a good sheer coverage. You should opt for brushes if you want a medium or full coverage.


The powder must be applied to the T zone at first. This goes for the shiniest parts of your face. Other parts are covered with a very light dusting everywhere else.


Put Bronzer on your neck, face, and throat to even out your skin tone. Otherwise, the whole makeup would look a bit weird.


Make sure you smile while you are applying blush, dust your cheeks and then sweep the pigments towards the top of ears, then down towards your jawline.


If you want to get an instant facelift, Trace your eyebrows with a brow pencil or powder along the top of brows.


Most of us find it difficult to get an even lipstick application, start at the cupid’s bow and extend it out to the farthest corners of the mouth before blotting.

8.Eyes shadow

Prepare lids for any eye look with a matte looking base shadow that matches the lightest part of the face. You want to make sure the pigments are dusted all over the lids and up to brow bone.


Get as close to the mirror as possible. Don’t just look straight ahead. Just tilt your head up, bring your chin toward the mirror. Look as you apply, and start at the inner corner and work your way out.


Sweep your mascara wand through the roots of your lashes and zigzag working your way up.


If you are out of shaving cream, just use a conditioner. It will give your skin a nourished moisturizing effect. Conditioners are less harsh and soothing, but not for regular use.

12.Plastic Spoon

Try using a plastic spoon to avoid mascara from unwanted spots. This is a common mistake and being over cautious takes up a lot of time.


You must apply brush according to your face shape. Brushes may vary for Oval shaped, Long, Heart shaped, square or round faces.

14.Pencil Liner

You can easily turn your pencil liner into a gel formula with the help of match or lighter if you need a bold thick line.


You can easily hit your eyelash curler with a hair dryer to heat it up for your lashes curling easier.

16.Winged Liner

Use a teaspoon to create a perfect winged liner.

17.Lip Color

For long-lasting lip color, You can swipe on your shade after laying a tissue over your mouth and then dust translucent powder over it for a long-lasting color.


Cover blemishes using eyeliner, eyeshadow and concealer stick.

19.Eye AppearanceEye-makeup tips for girls

Make your eye appearance bigger by coloring the lower part of your eyelid.

20.Under-Eye Bags

Highlight the crease and then apply a darker shade to the puffy area to conceal your eye bags.

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