20 Girls Make-Up Tips Round Up in 2018

This month ends with the festive season ahead. 2018 has been a steamy month of shifts and transformation. From skin-barring looks to red-carpet ones taking up – to runways boldest looks and star-studded accessorizing; this year has seen a lot of inspiring out-of-the-box makeup trends.


Meanwhile, hailing from Korea K-beauty skincare products and procedures skyrocketed to J-Beauty.


Conversely, 2017’s glossier Kylie Jenner Looks collided with Kim Kardashian. This left us in 2018 with Kim K 50-Step Makeup Routine and our Black Friday comes up with Kim K’s launching her signature makeup line.  – ALL HAIL to the two sisters!


While we might not be able to compile 50-shades looks of deception, one thing is here for sure.


We can very well, summarize 20 Game-Changing Makeup Tips which has essentially ramped up 2018.


20 Makeup Tips For Girls Inspired By Celebrities And Social Medias:



  1. Nude Make-up looks ( This classical makeup look will forever stay in)

Concealer-makeup tips for girls


Keeping up the spirit of ‘clear-skin’, nude make-up look stays in.

Simple and yet Stylish.

Follow the steps to achieve the nude classic look:

The catch is to; avoid any sort of bronzer or glossy lip products for the natural no-makeup look. Start by properly moisturizing your face and use substantial amount of primer as your base. Opt for flesh-toned nude colors and pale lip shades.



  1. The Milky Kind of complexion


Now is the time to max up your artistic touch. To achieve the glowing complexion beaming out lights wear liquid foundations.

Add little amount of lotion to the Liquid foundation to properly melt it into your skin. This gives a full coverage with dewy complexion- done subtly. Amp it up with only one single bold color – either on lips or eyes only.



  1. Contour

Contour with cream-based product and blend it into to give an illuminating effect.



  1. 2018’s Contour Strategy


To achieve the best contour, opt for two to three shades darker than complexion. Contour hollows of cheeks and below the middle of eye. Less is more in this case. Use small amount of contour and blend in a circular motion.



  1. Highlight


With contour done, start to highlight. Use the fan-brush and brush the highlight powder on upper areas focusing on highest points. This will give an edge to face.



  1. Highlight Brush


It is essentially important to invest in a professional fan makeup brush for properly highlighting face. Sleek fan brushes helps in gliding and setting the highlight powder or bronzer in subtle way.



  1. Foundation Technique


Start applying liquid foundation from the middle and blend it in outward direction. Liquid foundation should be selected according to the skin-type.



  1. Concealer – (A solid, All-Time, one-piece of makeup tool to do the trick)


With a concealer in your hand, you can get off the door as fast as you can. And, along with the concealer all you need is a coat of mascara.



  1. Dramatic – Long-Long Lashes

False Lashes on! Put on your false lashes. Better if they are over-sized.  Adding lashes will add depths to your eyes.



  1. Eye liner –way up higher


Maximum enhancement with minimum details, so to say. Though some says its best to wear eyeliners according to eye shapes. This year, things are different. Wear your eyeliner way up high to get the maximum enhancement.



  1. Pout lips stays in


Make your pout lips plumper by exfoliating your lips with a sugar and lip-balms. Done? Good.

Now, the trick is to trace the outer edge with a darker lip-liner than the lip shade you will be wearing. After tracing the outer edge slick on lipstick and gently blot with tissue.

Dab white eye shadow on the center, blend properly and end it with a clear gloss.

There- a full-mouth done with grace and excellence!



  1. Statement lip


Once in a while, try out the show-stopping look with dramatic lips. To get the statement lips opt for boldest and darkest lip shades which come with matte finish. Matte lip shades will give the vintage edgy finish to your lips.



  1. Edgy & structured look  with  Graphic eyes

Strong and structured brows with eye makeup done graphically can do the trick of making tired eyes appear livelier. Opt for Voluminizing water-proof mascara and trial-test different ways of applying the eye-liner to get the edgy look.



  1. Muted-toned

Opt for muted-tone bronzer to structure out your cheekbones and jaw line.


Eye-makeup tips for girls

  1. Extreme cat-eye looks

Reinvented smoky eye look is the current makeup obsession inspired from Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani.  When going out with extreme cat-eye looks opt for chocolate lip shades.



  1. Widen up Hooded eyes


Before applying any makeup cover up your eye lids and areas surrounding with a primer. This will not make the eye shadow crease and will act as a base.  Accentuate right areas of your upper eye lid with light eye shadow.

Brown Highlighter might do the trick. Make eyes pop up by adding highlighter to brow bone and essentially skip the lower area. Add deeper shades above crease and blend lighter shade to give softer look.



  1. Flick-out

Flick out the outer corner of your eyes to create visual lift effect. Put a white dot on the edge where the eyeliner will be ending.



  1. Set the makeup

Invest in a good Translucent Powder. Why? TO set your makeup and to give a matte-finishing effect Translucent Powder / Setting powder is best recommended for almost all skin-types.



  1. Smoothen the makeup

Invest on a good makeup primer to smooth makeup. Makeup primer is one of the absolutely-needed makeup and beauty products. Before you start your makeup apply a generous amount of primer and massage in circular motion.

This will close skin pores and create a smooth base for easier application of makeup, shades and bronzers.



  1. Finish-up Touch

Finish up and lock your makeup look with Mist Spray. Mist Spray is best for setting the makeup while also hydrate the skin.




To Wrap Up


2018’s makeup trend is buzzing with airbrush makeup techniques. In fact yes it does yield a flawless result and makeup can is much faster with this tool. So, nothings to worry about experimenting and it also come with a beginner’s kit to step-up the game.


That being said, one thing is of vital importance when it comes to makeup.


After coming back home remember to take off the makeup properly.

In this case, facial cleansing brush can be the best and fastest way to clean out all the makeup.



Last but not the least, another hype of this year is the best-at-home microdermabrasion machine. The hype is because the wonder tool is cutting out all the cost of microdermabrasion sessions for beauty addicts. Maybe, this is the time for you to consider.

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