10 Simple Hacks : How To Discipline A Toddler Effectively!

Toddlerhood is one of the most crucial periods of a child’s life. This is when they start discovering themselves as individuals and become more independent. Those moments when you have to take a “Walk of Shame” out of the supermarket as your toddler threw a temper tantrum to the floor.

It may comfort you to know that you are not alone.Almost every parent has to go through this phase where they start thinking they are incapable of parenting a toddler. Being worried is not a solution to discipline a toddler, rather it needs some techniques.

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Follow These Simple Techniques About How To Discipline A Toddler:


1. Be Consistent

It’s a must to be consistent while parenting a toddler. When he/she bites your hand, Don’t get swayed away by their cuteness. You must reprimand him/her from doing that every single time. There is no fixed timetable or a fixed number of times after which your child will stop misbehaving. But, It will stop after four/five repetitions.


2. Don’t Get EmotionalEmotional-how-to-discipline-a-toddler

Getting too carried away with your emotions and screaming your anger out will send a wrong message to the toddler. Toddlerhood is the time when he/she tries to connect the dots of small experiences. He/She will forget what happened, but won’t forget how you made him/her feel.

3. Think Like Your Child

Toddlers don’t think like you and they won’t. It’s your duty to be flexible and try to think why he is doing that. You have to make him understand that you can feel him, but what he is doing is wrong and not appreciable.

4. Master The Art of Distraction

Toddlers have a short attention span. If your toddler has thrown the ball already for the 10th time on the wall even though you have reprimanded him every time, It’s time to trade the ball for his favorite book or another toy.

5. Know When To Stop

What most parents do wrong is they don’t stop when they should and up getting the child too much cranked up. You just need to know your limit. Sometimes it’s really not worth fighting for.


6. Avoid Stressful Situations

If your toddler is sort of cheesed out or having a bad fever or recovering from one, It’s okay to a bit off mode and acts arrogant. Try to be compassionate and understanding.


7. Keep It Simple

Give your child a break sometimes. Experts suggest creating a “Cozy Corner”, Where your child is provided with ample amount of entertainments and build a world of its own.


8. Use “I told you so”

Make him/her feel the consequences of their behavior. Humans learn things permanently when they are taught practically. Let them learn from their own mistakes.


9. Give A Time-out

For a certain period of time, Let them be. Let them explore the world around them. It will make them feel content and happy about their lives.


10. Stay PositivePositive-how-to-discipline-a-toddler

Sometimes it takes longer for some toddlers to be disciplined. Try not to get frustrated as it is detrimental to both your child and you. Be positive and let them feel the positivity.


Following these steps can build your toddler’s life in a disciplined way. It will create a bond of trust and friendship with you as they grow up. Happy Parenting. 🙂

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