10-Minutes House Repair and Home Maintenance Tips


Fixing nagging home issues is must to know nowadays. Hiring a plumber every time your house need any repair or mere maintenance can cost you a whole lot. As you start using these home maintenance tips, You will feel self-sufficient and confident in every sphere of your life.Now let’s go through some useful house repair and home maintenance tips :


House Repair And Home Maintenance Tips


1. Lubricate A Stuck Vinyl Window Or Door:Vinyl Window

Formation of gunk in between vinyl windows can make it stuck on a deadlock. Try using PTFE spray lubricant on the joints. Don’t even think of using any liquid lubrication. They attract dirt and coagulates, ultimately causing more trouble.

2. Get Rid Of Stain Marks Caused By Water:

Repainting a ceiling in order to get rid of water stain is a pain in the arse. You can easily bleach it away by using a homemade 10% bleach solution and leaving it for 2-3 days. (Don’t forget to wear safety goggles and covering the area with plastic.

3. Fix a Shut-off valve:

Every time I have fix a shut-off valve that won’t shut off, I’m super pissed off. So, I came up with this little tip. Shut-off valves, which are not easy to replace can be fixed using this method. At first, You have to turn off the main water valve. Then, Remove the packing nut. Unscrew the stem and take it to the nearby hardware store for replacement of the washer. And Bingo !! You’ve got yourself a new valve. Well Almost new.

4. Hiding A Hole:

If you have a hole in the wall and don’t have the darn money to paint the whole wall. Then just install a snippety smoke detector on that hole. Low and added safety on the side.

5. Cabinet Door Locking:

To keep the cabinet doors closed, Use a magnetic door catch. Works well with roller types too. But, the magnetic one lasts longer.

6. Unclogging Toilets:

It’s a trick most of the people don’t know. Just squirt 1/2 liter dishwashing liquid into the toilet. It reduces the friction and helps the content of the bowl to slid through the hole.

7. Fix The Squeaky Floor Under The Carpet:

To fix the annoying squeaky sound of the carpet, Just put a trim screw with bigger knob head. It is preferred because it covers more area and affixes the carpet right into the joist.

8. Make A Flush Without Hang-ups:

With this method, You can easily avoid a running toilet seats caused by a kinked chain. Remove the chain from the holder and insert a plastic straw over the flapper chain. Then re-attach it with the arm.

9. Fix A Rickety Chair By Drilling:Rickety Chair

You don’t have to fix a chair (here’s a recommended bean bag chair guide you can check) by taking it apart and then regluing it every single time. Just drilling pilot holes in a certain interval and then fixing a trim screw would suffice.

10. Cleaning A Faucet Sprayer:

A grown clog in the aerator of a faucet sprayer reduces the pressure of the flow. It also dictates the direction of the flow. Just close the drain plug, then remove the aerator using a rag and clean it using a toothbrush after you soak it with vinegar.

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These 10 tips will make your life a lot easier on the go. You can easily solve these daily naggings if you look for solutions that lie around you.


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