Holiday Beauty Tips : Top Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Holidays are a busy time of the year and you may not have all the time in the world to perfect your makeup and hair. Or, you may not have time to go replace that die-hard product you ran out of.

These holiday beauty tips will save your time and money. Paralleled, these hacks also show you some new methods to look.

Top 10 Holiday Beauty Tips


1. Create The Perfect Wing:

Tape near your eyes might seem scary, but you know what, this is a great trick for makeup lovers of all levels. Take a tiny piece of scotch tape and place it on your face along your lower lash line while applying your shadow, liner and so on. Then take off the tape and you will find a perfectly straight line. This can obviously help you to create that ever-impossible wing with gel or liquid liner.

2. Ombre Your Lips:Lip Ombre - holiday beauty tips

If you want to make your lips look fuller, you may use an ombre technique with your lip products. It is a simple and easy technique. To make your lips appear poutier put a darker color on the outer corners and a lighter color in the center.

3. Make Your Teeth Look Whiter With Lipstick:

If you are confident enough to show your teeth and if you wish your teeth were whiter but aren’t into whitening products, then try the experimenting with different colors of lipsticks. An experiment shows that Blue-based colors, like a true blood red, can make your smile pop and look much whiter.

4. Use The Same Eyeshadow:

No need to spend huge money on a bunch of eye products. Just use different brushes and different techniques to get the same effect. Use an angled brush and light strokes to define your brows. Then use the same shadow and a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the shade into the crease and outside corner of your eye. Finally, finish by dipping a damp liner brush in the shadow in order to line your top and bottom lash lines.

5. Filter Out The Oil:

It’s time to forget about buying those packs of oil blotting sheets. Save your money and buy some coffee filters instead which can blot just as well as oil sheets can. Considering the size and price, it can save a great deal of money.

6. Coat Your Lashes In Baby Powder First:

If you love wearing fake eyelashes, especially around the holidays or for certain events, coat your eyelashes in baby powder before you apply your mascara. Your eyelashes will instantly volumize and appear fuller. It’s very easy to do.

7. Less Liner Can Be More:

If you’re in a hurry or just you don’t have the proper time, have no fear. Just tight line your eyes. Tight lining, or lining the upper waterline under your top lashes gives the appearance such that you’re wearing more makeup than you actually are.

8. Overline Your Lips For a Plumper Pout:

Overlining your lips can sometimes be an artful task. To do so in the right way, slightly overline your lips at the cupid’s bow. Then slightly overline the outline of your bottom lip, narrowing the line to your natural lip line as you meet the crease. Finally, line your natural lip line at the creases for avoiding looking botoxed.

9. Brush your way to smoother lips:

If you brush your teeth you can put down your wallet and stop buying lip scrubs. You can exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush by applying a simple technique. Apply a lip balm to your lips and then brush away the dead skin. You will be surprised because not only this will make your lips smooth and ready for lipstick, but it will also stimulate blood flow and cause a plumping effect.

10. Remove Makeup With Coconut Oil:Coconut Oil - holiday beauty tips

Coconut oil is pure and all natural. Therefore is already better for your skin than any chemical-filled, artificial removers. Because it’s an oil, it’s extremely gentle as well. You can get it at any departmental store or online in a jar, so it’ll last a long time.

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