15 Food Preparation Techniques : A Cheat Sheet For Dishing out Best Platter

15 food preparation techniques you must know


Before delving into the basic food preparation tips and making your next cuisine an ultimate hit much emphasis should be given on Food and kitchen safety.


Knowing few handy food preparation tips is worth the effort.

Similarly, mastering the perfect food preparation skills is one way to add more excitements.


Trust us on it! How, so???


Attaining the degree of accomplishment from preparing the ultimate enticing aromatic dish requires effort and true commitment on proper food-preparation techniques.


But hardly, any one would talk about the challenging course of phases one had to accomplish before achieving the distinction of a good-cook.


Fear not, we are absolutely going to make you achieve that sense of pride oozing out from your next meal preparations. But for that: at-first we need your full commitment to go-through the basic food preparation techniques (broken down very easily)!!


Here, you’ll get to know Step-by-step instructions on basic food preparation methods.


Bonus: We also compiled the best tips on making the most out of basic Culinary Techniques that we learned from Asian Chefs.


15 Basic Food Preparation Techniques Plus 2 Food Myths Debunked


Food Preparation Techniques you should follow


Well, certainly you don’t need to accomplish the ‘Master chef Degree’ to create the most amazing vegetable Platter. After all, this is not the chef-y show. Preparing a health nutritious food does not need to be complex. Rather, knowing basic ones is pretty much enough to achieve the desired platter.


 So, let’s break down basic food preparation techniques in the form of a bullet-list under each section. Here you go- 



4 Basic Food Preparation Techniques:


1. Non-Knife Cutting Techniques-


The following is the 5 non-knife cutting techniques you need to know –


  • Grating- Knowing the Best Grating skill is as important as choosing the No1 best-selling Grater or stainless food processor when it comes to grate cheese or nuts in least time.


  • Peeling – How to peel a potato? In deed our next-door neighbor kids even know that.

But did you know – foods you’re peeling might be wrong? Well, next time instead of poking pistachio shells with your finger nails please spare yourself from broken-nail disaster by dividing and twisting the shell to bulge it open


  • Shaving One hack to fry crispy Lays-like potato chips is to shave the potato with a food peeler just before frying.


  • Shredding– By shredding it is meant to shred the cheese for pizza toppings.


  • Zesting- Learning how to zest citrus fruits is important not only for cooking but also to amp up your Do-It-Yourself Essential oil experiments.




2. Mixing technique-

Be it the creamy frothy texture you are willing to achieve for your food galore.  Be it the Whipped Sweet potato Recipe or a basic tossed salad recipe.


The following is the general 5 Mixing Techniques of food preparation.

  • Creaming
  • Folding
  • Stirring
  • Tossing
  • Whipping



3. Dough Preparation

The following is the 2 Basic Dough Preparation Technique –

  • Kneading
  • Cutting in



4. Coating Techniques

Whether it is the Greek Marinated Chicken you are cooking or experimenting the proper way to ‘lightly’ coat your fish fillets the General Coating Techniques stay the same.

The 3 basic coating techniques of food preparation are as follow –

♦ Brushing

♦ Dredging

♦ Marinating


Debunk Time:  1 Particularly Bizarre Food Preparation Myth


  • Mixing Techniques of Food Preparation does not have to be a mechanical-type-of-food technique. So, you might very well cut the crap of entitling and generalizing food preparation techniques to a specific term; which is often times called as ‘Mechanical Technique’.
  • Similarly, grating vegetables or kneading the dough does not generally have to be the ‘Mechanical Technique’.


Heck, then why include the term ‘Mechanical Techniques ‘in food preparation?


kitchen Tools

—- Well, my friend it all depends on the cook who is preparing or cooking the food. A food preparation technique can be termed as a ‘mechanical technique’ if any mechanical kitchen utensils are utilized when preparing your food.

To make a point, you can prepare a Basic Homemade Tomato Sauce by simply boiling and squashing the juicy tomatoes in your copper cookware. Side-by-side the tomato sauce can be made much faster and much smoother if you use an electric blender.

The former process is simply a Mixing Technique; while the later one can be termed as ‘Mechanical Technique’. The ONLY DIFFERENCE was the blender!!!

Watch that out! – We just separated the science of food preparation from general knowledge of cooking – so to say!



Debunk Time:  5 Worst Food Safety Myths Debunked by Science


Ask the food nutritionists. Ask a normal human being with general science knowledge.


The following 5 Food Safety Myths are the worst ones and equally irritating


  1. Anti-Bacterial properties can in no way be ‘a reason’, ‘a feature’, ‘a property’ (or an excuse) to buy/differentiate/compare a plastic cutting board to the wooden cutting board.

Don’t fall prey to ‘anti-microbial coated’ schemes advertised by PVC or any sort of plastic chopping board companies.


Healthy food preparation or chopping food on a safe cutting board does not depend on its material. Rather focus on properly cleaning and taking care of the chopping board.

  1. While delving into your food preparation, just washing your hands with small amount of soap liquid from your soap dispenser won’t wash off the germs. In fact, this type of light rinsing will simply spread food contamination!
  1. To make food preparation safely done – spend at least 20 seconds to wash your hand. Lather the soap and then wash hands with lukewarm water. Dry out with a clean towel. This is the healthiest way of food preparation.
  1. Similarly, using a hand sanitizing gel is not enough when preparing health food. Rather use time, patience and lukewarm water to maintain food-safety.
  1. Low –Fat is NEVER better for you. (We repeat) Low-fat versions of any type of food products are never ‘better’ for anybody who is willing to stay healthy.


Spare yourself from the silliness of falling into the traps of Food Packaging and Labeling strategies. 


Now that everything from basic food preparation techniques to food preparation skills has been streamlined it makes perfect sense that-

Right now, you can start delving into your joyful cooking-baking spree and dish out a delicious mouth-watering treat this Christmas!

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