Food Preparation Techniques: Effective Ways To Save Your Time

We live in an age of productivity and productivity has a lot to do with spending time efficiently. A lot of time that we spend in the kitchen is unproductive. Sometimes, It cuts into our designated time for our partners, children, office work, assignments and even hobbies too.

Reducing time in the kitchen is really necessary for someone who wants to have homemade freshly cooked meals every day.Here are some awesome food preparation techniques, which will save your time while preparing foods.

10 Effective Food Preparation Techniques


1.Prepare Beforehand:

Preparing before cooking meals is very important for an efficient, less time-consuming cooking. If you have every ingredient prepared, you’ll not start wondering what to do next. Keep your fridge and pantry well-stocked. It speeds things up when you have a list of ingredients needed. Using labels in the containers also helps things sorted out.

2.Use Quality Kitchen Tools:kitchen Tools

Using quality equipment costs a bit more initially, but helps in the long run. Try to get rid equipment that is partially damaged. Always keep your knives sharp.

3.Plan Out Meals:

Don’t go wondering what to make. Use a calendar to jot down what each person in your family likes, to create a variety. It will help you to keep yourself out the kitchen for some days.

4.Google Recipes:

It happens to everyone sometimes when they can’t find anything to cook while there are tonnes of ingredients to cook. Just type your “Ingredients name + Recipe” and search google. You will be awestruck by a number of recipes available online.

5.Take Out Supplies Beforehand:

Before you go to sleep or leave home for work, place pots, pans, bowls, kitchen utensils, spice containers in places. So whenever you came back, you will have everything ready. Ask your older kid to help you set the table.

6.Cut And Store Vegetables In Batches:

If you’re making tacos, casseroles, or salads using Tupperware or any kind of containers you prefer for storing pre-cut ingredients will help you save a lot of time.

7.Prepare Seasonings In Advance:

If your recipe needs a spice mix or seasoning, measure and sort out all the ingredients and keep them in separate plastic bags. Secure them in the fridge for future uses.

8.Slow Cooker To The Rescue:

Thick meats needed for dishes like Beef Stew can be cooked easily by adding vegetable chunks, like Potatoes, Onions, Carrots or cooking wine and leave it for 6-10 hours as needed.

9.Prepare Meals In Batches And Freeze Them:

Cooking in portions of the night before and mixing them up against speeds up cooking meals like Lasagna, Pies, and Casseroles.

10.Cleaning Along Cooking:dishwasher

Before you start preparing your meal, keep dishwasher and soap in the sink. Wash the cutting board right after cutting vegetables, meat or fish and place it upright to dry. Wash bowls, measuring utensils, knives- things that won’t be used again in-between cooking meat or fish and put them on the rack. By following this method, You won’t have to waste time in cleaning as much as you do now.


Following these tips will help you grow as a cook and you will never feel stuck in the kitchen or bored of cooking.

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