Daily Fitness Tips : Smart Strategies To Implement In Your Daily Life !

Picking up healthy habits can go a long way and help us in the long run by making our life easier. Growing up has made me lazier and less active, not because I am almost always busy (which sadly I am) but also because the few hours I get to myself I either spend it watching movies or staying in eating a box of pizza.

All these habits have made me more prone to getting sick. As such, I consulted my doctor and surprisingly he told me being healthy adding small habits to your everyday life that can make you feel much better.

Here are 10 of these daily fitness tips to make your life a bit easier (and yes they don’t involve 2 hours of exercising):


Daily Fitness Tips


Give yourself some sunshine:sunshine

Back to the basics everyone. Being a homebody myself and most people out there who get less than an hour of sunshine every day, let yourself be one with nature. Not only is it a source of vitamin D but it also gives you a boost of energy and makes you feel much lighter.

Make sure to get your H20:

I remember having random breakouts even at the age of 20 which is pretty darn weird.Turns out it was caused by dehydration. And acne is not the only repercussion of dehydration. A headache, fatigue, and indigestion are all caused by a lack of water. 8 glasses a day is a must everyone.

Add more fiber to your diet:

Fiber aids in digestion is filling and can help prevent constipation, bowel diseases, and cancer. An additional plus point would be that food rich in fiber have no fat and is great for all of you who look forward to losing a few extra pounds without starving yourself.

Make the floor your best friend, not the bed:

Sleeping on the floor can help with back pain, improve your posture and probably prevent you from developing a hench back in your later years. (Side effect- it’s definitely not the most comfortable option).

Stretch your body every morning:

Stretching your body has so many benefits I don’t even know where to begin. Helps you increase blood flow to your sore muscles and loosen tight muscles. It also gives you a sense of tranquility and gets you hyped up.

Develop a bond with coffee:coffee

Coffee or any other form of caffeine has your back whenever you need it. I used to spend nights studying before my exams with a cup of coffee (even several) right beside me. The benefits of coffee need not be mentioned since we are all so familiar.

Go for a walk:

Walking helps you relax, relieves you of stress and can be full of adventures. Try walking rather than taking your car or the cab, or walking to the grocery store. And walks with someone special can always make you feel better. Hey, your pet dog is very special okay?

Do your trusty squats:

Y’all I’m going back on my words now. This is that one form of exercise I’d feel super guilty leaving out. As I said squats help you tone up and increases your muscle’s capacity. Too busy? Do them in the shower like I do.

Jam to your favorite music when getting ready:

This is one is for all my girlies out there. I spend about 1 hour every day getting ready for work and that 1 hour there is some song playing. Rihanna and Beyoncé are my personal hype woman. This gives me a confidence boost and always ends up putting me in a good mood, even though it isn’t a fitness tip twerking helps everyone.

SLEEP for at least 8 hours:Sleep

Sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more.

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