Crib Buying Guide : Few Essential Guidelines For First-time Parents

Important Baby Crib Guide For New Parents

Well, you have already become a parent, I think. Or, maybe you are expecting a little guest very soon. Congratulations on this exciting news! I bet, this is one of the fascinating news for every parent, especially for the first-timers.


Gathering Baby Items

Along with joys of becoming a parent, comes the responsibility of gathering so many items for your baby and you are worried about it. Perhaps, you are thinking about buying some baby furniture, a baby crib in particular which is a must-have for every new-born baby. I am here to help you by providing a complete crib buying guide before buying a baby crib. My focus mainly will be on-

• How to assemble or how to put baby cribs togetherBaby Items - Cribs Buying Guide
• How to choose or how to buy baby crib mattress

These are the most common issues every parent faces after buying a new baby crib. So, it will be a wise decision to become familiar with these issues if you want to avoid any kind of hassles afterward.

Assembling The Cribs Together: Tips And Tricks

In the market, you will find a huge collection of baby cribs of different brands and styles. In spite of being different brands and having a wide variety of styles, most of the cribs have the same functional pieces. Therefore, the process of assembling the pieces together is not too much different. All you need is just a little effort and follow some simple steps once you are done with buying a baby crib. Before going to the steps, follow these two pre-steps:

• Do not forget to check if there is a manual along with the package of baby crib you are going to buy. If not, ask for it and collect it from the salesman. Half of the tasks will be easy after reading it.
• Read the instructions written in the manual very carefully on how to put baby cribs together. Safety should be given the highest preference, so you must not miss any crucial step while reading.

Whether you have the manual or not or just in case you do not understand the instructions properly, follow the steps below:

• Find a suitable place in your room to set up the baby crib so that you do not need to move it around oftentimes.
• Unpack the box and confirm that you have got all the pieces of the crib as mentioned in the manual. Nearly all the baby cribs you will find in the market include:

▪ Headboard
▪ Footboard
▪ Two side pieces
▪ Stationary rail
▪ Drop-side rails
▪ Mattress panel or mattress support
▪ Screws, bolts, dowels and other fasteners
▪ Wheels (for some special models)

• Now make sure you have these tools available to set up the crib:

▪ Hammer
▪ Ratchet set
▪ Screwdriver
▪ Pliers

Let us begin the installment procedure. Hopefully, it will be a pleasing experience for you.
• Take the headboard and footboard and put them on the work table or on the floor. Join the latch brackets to both of them in such a way that they must be facing the inside of the crib.
• Then attach the stationary rail. Set the dowels by inserting them into the latch brackets through the headboard and footboard on one side of the crib and screw them up securely with the crib.
• Now attach a mattress panel, a kind of support where you lay your mattress on, to the base of your crib. Find out the manufacturer sticker that indicates which side goes face down. Then possibly you have to screw the joining parts before attaching it to the headboard and footboard. Finally screw them to the crib using nuts, bolts or other types of fasteners.
• Your job is about done. In this step, you need to stand the drop rail onto the latch brackets on both of the boards by attaching the bottom of the rods on each side. After that, take the loose springs which you may find on the edge of your mattress panel and slide them over a dowel.
• Finally just set the mattress into the base of the crib and you are through. Note that you have to buy the mattress separately. Follow the guidelines below for choosing a perfect mattress.

How To Choose A Baby Crib Mattress: RecommendationsBaby Crib Mattress-cribs buying guide

Many of the parents do not care about the sleeping condition of their children almost as much as they should if say it frankly. Just remember, how it will feel like if your mattress is not that comfortable or if it is somewhat damp or if it smells bad. That is why a mattress is as important for your baby as it is for you. Keep in mind that your baby will spend more than 15 hours in sleeping during the first few months of life, so you have to make sure that the mattress is safe and cozy for your baby. Here goes a list of suggestions for choosing a perfect crib mattress:

• Decide first what type of mattress to purchase. Commonly three types of mattresses are available in the market:

Foam mattresses are usually the lightest option amongst all. On average they weigh between 8 to 13 pounds their thickness varies from 3 to 6 inches. The high-density foam should be given priority if you select this type of mattress.
Innerspring mattresses consist of steel coil support system including different types of foams and fibers on top to provide comfort. While choosing this type of mattress, make sure that the steel is thicker and cushioning is heavier.
Organic mattresses are formed with organic or fully natural components such as coconut fibers, cotton, wool, latex etc. Safest option while choosing this type of mattress is to avoid those that may produce an allergic reaction or any kind of toxicity to your baby.

• Check out the stiffness of the mattress. Crib mattresses are designed in such a way that they become harder and reinforced to stay flat which secures support for the growing bones of your baby. So do not worry even if the mattress feels rigid to you. Your baby will adjust with its firmness gradually.
• Resiliency is another important issue to check out. Push your hand down into the middle and take it away. If you see it gets back to its shape faster, it will be better to choose.
• If you want your mattress not to smell bad, it must have plenty of small holes in order to let the stenches escape. So search for the mattress which contains vent holes on the sides that let air flow in and out.
• Mattress cover should be resistant to water, tears and soaking diapers. So try to find out double or triple coated cover that is stiffened with nylon.
• Traditional mattresses that you see in the market suggest spot cleaning only. Another type of mattress can be machine-washed that have removable covers.
• The certification seal is another big deal. Make sure that your crib mattress meets the safety standards defined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. GREENGARD IS another certification that measures the emission of chemicals from the mattress.

Some people think higher price corresponds to better quality. But it is not necessarily true all the times. Sometimes you are paying for additional features that you do not need actually. So be careful in this regard. Happy shopping!

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