pop up canopy buying guide

Best Pop Up Canopy in 2018 (Our Top 5 Revealed!)

Pop up canopies are great for outdoor events and activities like camping, picnics, social gatherings, and even weddings. The best pop up canopy provides great portability, can be easily reused and supports hundreds of designs for the interior. To make sure that your much-deserved vacation goes smoothly, we have compiled a list of the best canopy tents for[…]

chess sets buying guide

11 Best Chess Sets Reviews in 2018 ~ Top Buying Guide

Chess is a popular strategy board game played by millions. A chessboard consists of 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid.All you need is a challenging opponent and the right chess set. There are a variety of chess sets available on the market.The best chess sets are chosen based on how often you intend to play, personal preference,[…]