How to decorate a canopy for a party

how to decorate a canopy for the party

Nowadays using canopy is a very popular as well as a classic idea for a party. The canopies are versatile and can be installed in various locations. It helps people to apply their artistic reflection on their special day’s arrangement. It’s really challenging to beautify a canopy.

However, if one determines and plans perfectly then the decoration becomes fun and successful. If the whole work plan is divided into the smaller parts then it becomes easy to decorate the canopy smoothly and gorgeously.

10 ideas how to decorate a canopy for the party

Fix your budget

In arranging a party in a canopy, the first and foremost task is to fix the budget, for the party, because it helps to do all the arrangement according to the cost limit.

If you aren’t letting the event management team for the decoration and decide to do all the decoration by yourself, then you must have a plan for expenditure in different segments for decorating the canopy.

You must keep in mind the place, food, decoration elements, guests you will invite. These will help you to arrange your party within the budget.


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Finding a perfect place

As canopy, a movable ballroom, you need an open place outside to fix it while surrounded by nature and beautiful colors. It can be your backyard or any open place or garden or a private park.

As the canopy will be under open sky you must be careful about weather condition, canopy size and comfort of the guest while searching for the appropriate place.


Selecting a theme

After finding the perfect place, next thing should be on your to-do list, is choosing an awesome theme for the party. The theme must be unique and original, not bizarre. If it is a birthday party then the theme should be age appropriate and colors tastefully selected.

If it is a wedding party then the theme should be on couple’s choice. For other parties, an easy way to choose a theme is to consider the stuff you like and have to go with it.


Make arrangements according to the theme

When you’ve got your favorite theme for the party then go for collecting all the necessary accessories to decorate the canopy. Once you collect all the things then start your decoration having all the required types of equipment in your hand.


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Fixing the canopy and decorating the poles

After getting all the things, begin by fixing the canopy in the chosen place and start decorating from the poles. You can wrap the poles with the colorful silk cloths, ribbons, balloons, flowers. You can string up colorful banners about the party on the entrance of the canopy.


Decorating the ceiling

Ceiling decoration is very important for a canopy because it can change the whole look. You can use different types of hanging decorations for the ceiling. If you are arranging a birthday party for a child then use cartoon balloons or toys hanging from the ceiling. You can also use sparkling stars, small shaped lights hanging from the ceiling.

If you want to have an elegant touch in the decoration then you can also use simple and beautiful chandeliers hanging in the center. You can also use paper lanterns. But if you want to have very plain ceiling then you can just have a simple artistic canopy.


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Lighting the space

Most of the party takes place in the evening and continue till night. So when you are having a party in canopy lighting is very important. You can use different types of LED lights for the party. You can use small light strings in the whole canopy ceiling and poles.

Then you can use some different shaped lights such as flower, globe hanging from the ceiling and wall. You can also set lanterns or jars, with light string inside, on the way to the party tent. This will bring tremendous effect in the environment.


Flowering space

Flower, a symbol of beauty and love, is must for any party. When you are having your party in a canopy, it is obvious that flowers will bring a natural touch in the decoration of the canopy. You can be innovative while decorating the canopy going through the traditional floral arrangement.

You have endless choices such as hanging flower strings from the ceiling or floral wall, also floral cascading with string flowers together or a curtain of falling flowers; else simply use some baskets of your favorite flowers.

You can keep flowers in different sizes of vases, boxes or pedestal vases or float the flowers for an upside down centerpiece that will look sensational in photographs. You can also use flowers during the decoration of furniture.


Furnishing the space

Furnishing the space brings a sense of completeness to the decoration. You should furnish the place in a way that will make the guest feel comfortable for anticipated activities, dining, lounging, and dancing.

Your guests are probably going to notice your buffet table or the central table at first. So for an eye-catching decoration on the table, you can decorate it with ribbons, flower vases, fabric, lace etc. You can also have a plain tablecloth and table skirts. Set some flower vases or candle stands on the table for giving a simple look.


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Catering in the canopy

Food is the important component for a successful party while having party in a canopy there are some facts to keep in mind. If you are not having a separate room for the catering arrangement then, you can set them on a corner table from where the guest would take.

And most importantly, cooking must be done very carefully because there is a high risk of canopy fabric catching fire.

So, through these steps, you can decorate your canopy for the party and have a success. While decorating a canopy, you can be versatile and input your creativity according to your artistic view that will make your arrangement unique, sophisticated and praiseworthy.

So just make your own plan how to decorate your party canopy. Take the challenge and nail it successfully.

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