Top 5 Best Wood Pellets For Smoking in 2019

Best Wood PelletsIf you are a fan of smoked meats such as poultry, pork, and beef and even at times vegetables, like me, you will know the importance of having the right smoker pellets.

Unlike normal charcoal used in smokers and for barbeques, wood pellets will provide constant heat and delicious flavors for your food.

When I look for the best wood pellets I always look for something that is made from 1005 natural hardwood with no fillers or flavoring oils.

I want my dishes to have a natural and rich flavor without the chemicals.


10 Best Available Wood pellets in 2019 Reviews

Here are some of our best choices for the pellets that have proven to have excellent burning qualities and the best flavors of different grills and smokers;

1. The RecTec Grills Blend Pellets

The Rec Tec Premium Hardwood Pellets are one of the highest rated pellet brands for its superior quality and excellent smoky flavor.

Made from 100% hardwood that is manufactured through a process that gives the wood a much denser form allowing them to burn much longer and better. For the most consistent cooking and smoking, I would recommend the RecTec Grills Blend.


  • Burn really well with little ash left over.
  • Gives a great smoky flavor to any dish.
  • Keeps constant temperature.
  • Excellent reviews and ratings on these pellets.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Very weak flavor.

 2. Traeger PEL319 Hickory Pellets

The Traeger Hickory pellets are Hickory Barbeque Pellets made to be used with the Traeger grill.

This is a product manufactured in the United States of America with some exceptional reviews and ratings by many happy customers.

An excellent quality pellet that burns well and gives a rich and sublime smoky flavor to any dish.


  • Gives a very rich and sweet smoky flavor.
  • Very good reviews and ratings.
  • FDA approved.
  • Excellent quality and a good price.
  • Burns very well and keeps consistent heat.


  • The pellets can flare up and cause a fire.

3. The Louisiana Grills 55403 New England Apple Pellets

For excellent flavor and the best burning capabilities you cannot go wrong with the Louisiana Grills BBQ Pellets.

These pellets burn hotter and cleaner than other types of woodpellets I have heard of so far.

The Louisiana Grills are easy to use and made from all-natural woods and substances to give you only the best flavors.


  • Performs very well.
  • A nice clean burn.
  • Excellent flavor and aroma.
  • Good quality natural pellets.


  • The product is very powdery and not many solid parts.
  • Not packaged as shown in the picture.
  • Burns out very fast.

 4. CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix Smoking Pellets

I absolutely love the CookinPellets Perfect Mix with its divine Hickory based Cherry and hard Maple and apple flavours.

These pellets have no bark, oils or fillers, they are natural and deliver subtle and natural flavours that are perfect for chicken, pork, beef and vegetables. The CookinPellets burn really well and have very little ash.


  • Some good reviews and ratings.
  • Excellent quality for a good price.
  • Burns really well.
  • Very versatile can use it for brisket, ham and many other types of meat.


  • A customer complaint about the pellets clogging up their smoker.
  • Very weak flavor.

5. Smokehouse Products 5-Pound Bag All Natural Apple Flavored Wood Pellets


The Smokehouse Products BBQ pellets are all-natural hardwood pellets made from 100% natural hardwood with no added binders, waxes or other chemical ingredients.

The flavors are manufactured using hardwoods and not oils or additives making them safe to use on almost all BBQ grills, Charcoal grills, and even the smoke Chef.


  • Burn really well and evenly.
  • Gives an excellent flavor and aroma.
  • Fast shipment and good customer service.


  • Do not stay lit.

6. Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets

An exceptional hardwood blend of Maple, Hickory and Cherry with absolutely no fillers to give you the most superior flavors with long-lasting burning time. There are no scents, sprays, glues or chemicals used in these pellets only natural materials. A perfect and versatile blend that can be used for pork, chicken, beef or even vegetables.


  • Smells and tastes delicious.
  • No dust just hardwood pellets.
  • Excellent flavor.


  • Pellets burn very cold.
  • Pellets create very much ash when burnt.


7. The American Wood Fibers Bedding Pellets

With some excellent ratings and my personal seal of approval the American Wood Fibres Bedding pellets are one of the best and most long-lasting pellets that I have tried for my pet rabbits so far. Exactly as advertised these are hassle free and long lasting pellets that are superiorly absorbent and eliminate all odors.


  • Great reviews and ratings.
  • Can use for mice, rabbits and in cats litter boxes.
  • Eliminates smells and odors.
  • Good quality product.


  • Very high shipping charges.
  • Does not absorb very well.


 8. The  Lumber Jack 100 Percent Apple BBQ Grilling Pellets

The Lumber Jack is a manufacturing plant that uses real tree to process into different types of products. The Lumber Jack Grilling pellets are 100% wood pellets with a lovely apple flavor. If you are looking for the leading way to develop food grade BBQ wood pellets the Lumber Jack have perfected it. For Food Grade pellets you can trust, look no further.


  • Great flavors and excellent wood with no bark or bitterness.
  • Burns very well and leaves little ash for less cleaning.
  • Very easy shipment and fast delivery.


  • Some customers claimed that these pellets are not 100% hickory as it advertises.

 9. The CookinPellets 40H Hickory Smoking Pellets

The Cookin pellets 40H Hickory Smoking Pellets I found to be the best quality grilling pellets for a pellet stove and grill with no oak or alder fillers for 100% pure hardwood.  This is also one of my favorite hardwood pellet brands for is pure and natural flavor as well as long burning time. It is the perfect mix for almost any anything that you would like to smoke.


  • Good reviews and ratings on this product.
  • The perfect mix of almost any meat or vegetable except fish.
  • Excellent flavor and aroma.
  • Burns very well.


  • Does not keep the temperature very well, becomes cold fast.
  • Not 100% Hickory as stated.

10. Camp Chef Bag of Premium for Smoker

The Camp Chef Bag is a bag of premium pellets made from all natural hardwood to work with the Camp Chef, Traeger, Green Mountain and other grills. The wood has a natural flavor with no added oils or flavors and a clean burn with no added fillers.  The Camp Chef bag is one of my personal favorites that I use with my Traeger for a variety of meats.


  • Excellent reviews and ratings on these pellets.
  • Produce and keep a great consistent temperature.
  • Excellent, rich flavor and aroma.
  • Good quality pellets at an affordable price.


  • These pellets are hard to light and do not stay lit.
  • There was no distinct hickory flavor.


Our Favorite Best Pellet for Smoking:

One of my personal favorites that I use and have had only excellent results with is the , I use these pellets with my Traeger for chicken, pork, beef and, vegetables.

These pellets have a subtle yet delicious natural flavor and they burn really well keeping consistent heat.

I also like the Hickory Pellets for the Traeger, especially for pork dishes.


How To Choose One?

There is one very important feature to keep in mind when choosing the pellets and that is choosing the right pellet for the right dish.
In the end, the main function of a wood pellet is to smoke and flavor your food so choosing the right flavor of the dish is just about as important as choosing a pellet that burns well and has little ash.


A. Choosing the right Pellet for the Dish;

  • Alder pellets go well with almost anything, meat, chicken, fish or vegetables and give a lovely earthy taste.
  • Maple gives a tang of sweetness to pork, beef or turkey.
  • Pecan goes especially well with pork or beef.
  • Hickory is more versatile and goes with any type of meat except for fish.
  • Mesquite is one of your best choices for fish and seafood.


B. How it Burns;

  • A good pellet will keep a consistent warm
  • No cold burning.
  • No excess ash.


C. The ingredients;

  • pellets are made from 100% hardwoods.
  • Can be made from blended woods.
  • No fillers or oils.
  • Only wood flavors no flavored


There are some excellent brands of wood pellets that you can choose from that are made from all natural ingredients and 100% hardwood.

I would say the most important aspect of the grilling pellets is that it is 100% natural and made from high-grade wood.
A good quality solid pellets will burn and keep heat consistently as well as ensure an excellent flavor to any dish.

The flavor choice is up to your own personal requirements. Flavors such as apple, cherry, hickory, maple, and alder are popular and also still all naturally found in the wood mixes for pellets.


What Are The Benefits of Using Wood Pellets?

The main benefits of having the best pellets for your grill or smoker is that you will have perfectly cooked meals with a rich and delicious flavor, this at the end of the day is the main aim.

Choosing the best pellets made of woods will make all the difference in the taste of your dishes as well as the ease of preparing them;

  1. Your food will be cooked perfectly and have a rich flavor.
  2. Flavors will not be overpowering or chemical.
  3. All-natural ingredients in the pellets.
  4. Pellets are made from 100% natural hardwood
  5. The flavor or aroma of the pellet matches the correct dish type.
  6. The best wood pellets will burn consistently for a long time.
  7. Good heat dispersion.
  8. Very little ash produced, less mess to clean up.
  9. Good quality for a good price.
  10. Works well with the griller or smoking oven that you have.
  11. There are only solid wood pieces and no powder which means you get your money’s worth.
  12. Pellets are solid and have rich flavors.
  13.  Grilling pellets will also come well packaged and undamaged from a trusted supplier.
  14. A good clean burn means there is less mess for you to clean up afterward.
  15. Enjoy a lovely barbeque with your friends.
  16. You can also experiment with your “cheffing” skills using a grill or smoke oven.
  17. Any barbeque or get together can be much more pleasant when the food is cooked to perfection.

The best pellets will be of excellent quality and still have an affordable price which is beneficial if you are an avid griller or enjoy smoking your food;

 In Conclusion

I have found all the listed pellets to provide only the best flavor and burning experiences as they are all made from great natural woods and substances.

The Camp Chef Wood pellets are one of America’s best pellets for smokers and pellet stoves according to reviews and ratings and also a favorite of mine.

For the best hardwood pellets for a pellet stove, I would most certainly go with the Camp Chef Bag of Premium pellets for a smoker.

The best softwood pellets are the Hickory pellets for the Traeger that give a rich and smooth hickory flavor, I found these are some of the good-quality grilling pellets to be excellent quality and a good price as well.

With the best wood pellets for your grill, you can also enjoy a lovely barbeque with family and friends and serve wonderful and exotic dishes.
Barbeques are a fun and social event to enjoy delicious food and interesting company, the right tools for the job can really make a difference in such an experience.
So enjoy your barbeque or social event with the lovely flavors of the right wood pellets for your grill or stove.

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