Ultimte Parenting Tips : 10 Principles of Good Parenting

“Parents” is a word of 7 letters but it is not only a word. It is a feeling, a motivation, a characteristic to become an icon. You can be a parent easily but how about good parents.To become a good parent is not an easy task.

Though there are no hard and fast rules to become a good parent, I can suggest some of the best parenting tips which can help you to make your children Caring, Responsible, Self-confident and most importantly honest.

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How to Be Good Parents? Check 10 Best Parenting Tips Below

1.Give enough time:

In this modernized world, we do not have enough time for our children. But, try your best to plan family time with your children. You can play with your children, take them in a short visit to the neighborhood, read educational and motivational stories to them, cook their favorite dishes with them. Any time you spend with your children builds your relationship and is an opportunity to lay the important foundation of trust and love. If you do take outings, talk to your children about what you are doing, where you are going, these are important opportunities to develop good characteristics to your children.

2.Show how to behave:

Children usually watch everything and try to behave as same as we parents behave.So we do not behave inappropriately when they are in front of us.If we find any unusual behavior among them we must show them a different way of behavior.Teach them in an easy way so that they can understand easily what you want them to teach.In addition, teach them why certain behavior is inappropriate.

3.Have limitation of expectation:

Children like to have their own routine and have their own lifestyle. Depending on your children’s age, you can discuss your expectations about their lives. But be realistic, and know what your children are capable of at different ages. Small children may not understand directions clearly, so while giving directions give some example. This will inspire them to make the work properly and make them self-confident.

4.Encourage your children:

Inspiration is the best thing for motivating your children. Try your best to widen the outlook of your children, help them to find out what they are capable to do. But do not give them pressure. Help them to believe that bookish knowledge is not everything to shine in life. There are always some other factors.so beside study help them to participate in other co-curricular activities, this will broaden their mind.

5.Habit Of ReadingHabit Of Reading-Best Parenting Tips

Help them to make the habit of reading Beside study give them the opportunity of reading story books, magazines, newspaper etc. Storybooks help them realize what is right and what is wrong with them. Magazines help them to find out the lifestyle of the famous people .and newspaper helps them to cope with the daily affairs happening throughout the world. Small kids who are unable to reading, you should read storybooks to them. In later time this will help them to develop the habit of reading.

6.Control your anger:

To become the best parent you must avoid your anger when your children are in front you. They like to behave same as you so if you show your anger they will show same in later time. You should stop quarreling when they are beside you because it will create a bad impact on your children’s mind. Make them realize a thing slowly and most importantly calmly.

7.Try to become their best friend:

You should behave with them as a friend. Try to realize them and their problems as a friend. If you behave friendly then they must share everything with you. It is the best way to become close to them. Encourage them to share, to take turns, to be respectful of each other, and to be kind.

8.Avoid comparing with others:

You should not compare your children with others. Because every person has his own characteristics.comparing with others make them afraid and dependent on others.

9.The interrelation between children:

You must build up a good relationship with your children. Give them equal right. Any discrimination may hamper their natural growth and mental satisfaction.

10.Be understanding:

You should have the ability to learn their problems and what they want to say. Do not show any kind of behavior which implies them to hide things from you. Try to become friendly to find out their problems

These are some guidelines only but how to become the best parents is a process which is fully up to you. So try to behave friendly and modestly to become an icon in the eye of your children.

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