10 Best Meal Preparation Bags Reviewed in 2017

Best Meal Prep Bag

It cannot be denied that nowadays we tend to go for health and fitness. With a lot of challenges in the health aspect of every person, there is a need to find every way possible to be healthier and to be likely in the best shape.
However, as much as we want to stay fit and healthy, we cannot deny that often times our activities and busy schedules hinder this desire. But the good thing is, we can still prepare our own meals and carry it all along using the appropriate and best meal preparation bags available in the market and consume it with the same quality and nutrition.


Best Meal Preparation Bags

Meal preparation is the act of preparing your own food most especially when you have a strict diet to follow. Food and meal preparations are usually carried out by those conscious fellows who are required by their health and nutrition doctors for a certain health condition, health and fitness advocates and simply those who get tired of eating the same food in the corner over and over again in every single day.

Meal preparation bags are not your ordinary bags in which you store your clothes for travel. As the name implies, it is specifically made to cater your meal preparation needs. With the fast answer to the call of necessities, meal preparation bags are designed in any way you prefer and in any kind of activity you will have to engage.

A Few Famous Meal Preparation Bags Top Brands

Accessibility to the top meal preparation bags is made easy with the convenience of online stores where you can compare and contrast different meal prep bags available. Below are a few favorite brands you might want to consider;


  • Prep Naturals’ Meal Prep Bag with Meal Prep Containers


As a kitchen ware company, Prep Naturals fondness to design the best meal preparation bags made it easy for them to cater to your specific kitchen needs most especially in meal preparations.
This meal preparation bag which is also a cooler bag contains enough food storage containers, cutlery, and napkins to maintain an efficient meal management system.
In addition, the materials used is ensured for food safety and is approved by regulatory authorities.


  • ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Boxes


The popularity gained by ThinkFit for meal preparation bags is because of its perfect size which is made for everyday use. It is highly commendable since it is not too big nor too small to carry at work or at the gym.
Moreover, it is lightweight and is a 6 pack meal prep bag which contains six plastic storage containers made for both adults and kids and is microwavable and made safe for dishwashing. With its double insulation and heavy duty material, the durability is increased and the meal stays at the optimum temperature the entire day.


  •  Isobag Blackout Edition


Along with its rivals, Isobag by Isolator Fitness are made with high quality for iso meal prep bag system requirements. This bag can accommodate up to six meals and drink maintained to full insulation up to 16 hours.
The bag also has an additional mesh pocket suitable for vitamins, supplements, utensils and small picks for the pocket. It also comes with 12 containers in four different sizes which can accommodate to any amount of your meal requirements.


  • Fit & Fresh Jaxx FitPak Commuter Meal Prep Bag


This brand also gained its lead due to its function and style coordination. It is specifically made for athletes and health conscious individuals who want to stay fueled on their day to day activities.

It is a simple shoulder strap bag which can contain your meals without any possibility of leakage. The styled bag also includes a 24 oz. shaker bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the day.


The Best Meal Prep Bags in 2017 – Summary

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How To Wisely Choose The Best Meal Preparation Bags

You cannot let your efforts slip in preparing the right meal by choosing the wrong prep bags. In choosing wisely the right meal preparation bag for your daily meal requirement, you should consider some of these points;

       A. Safety comes first

You should always bear in mind your purpose of preparing the meal yourself and this is to be physically safe and healthy when it comes to the food you’re taking in. You cannot achieve this by simply preparing the right food and quickly packing it in a plastic bag you can comfortably carry throughout the day.

With the myriad of the best meal preparation bags available, you can ensure the safety of your food first hand by ensuring the safety of the material where you will put and store your meals.  You should make sure that the material passed several regulations and has been approved by authorities. By doing this, you can simply check the background of the company or manufacturer of the product and check the qualifications and certifications they were able to meet.

      B. Optimum temperature-controlled

With the right temperature comes the right nutrition. Temperature is one of the most important factor in preparing a particular food or meal. It can either provide freshness for long hours or result to spoilage in an instant.

Several meal preparation bags nowadays are already made with full insulation and temperature control in order to maintain the quality of the food. But of course, there are also some products of which the said feature is present but is less focused.

To avoid your meal ending up on a waste container instead, you might want to consider checking reviews on what other end users who have already purchased say about the meal preparation bag you are interested in.

      C. Space and Accommodation

Storage containers and meal compartments are also necessary for considering meal preparation bags. The space inside the bag will also dictate the outcome of your meal.

If you are to carry small amounts of a meal, do not be tempted by bigger meal bags which has bigger spaces than necessary since this might just provide a room for spillage and leakage. Having enough room for the right amount of meal that will just be enough to accommodate your needs will be the perfect fit for managing your packaged meals.

      D. Weight for convenience

If you are to purchase meal preparation bags for convenience, you might as well aim for that by choosing the right weight of the bag for you. No one wants to be burdened by buying a heavy bag which might only strain your muscles which I know you don’t want and need.

The lighter the bag, the more convenient it would be. A lighter bag means a handy bag but of course, you should always bear in mind the more important consideration that was mentioned so as not to gamble the weight of the bag. There are still materials which are lightweight and still offers the same safety for your food.

      E. Function and Style

And lastly but certainly not the least, you should always consider and be mindful of your purpose. There are meal preparation bags that are specifically made for different reasons such as for athletes, fitness and adventure persons and other bags which you can only bring at work for lunch or bags for both reasons.
Anyway, for whatever reason you might be considering, stick with it so you can also avoid running out of style. But be careful, style is only the physical and external element, what matters most is the function and convenience it offers to you as an end-user.


What Are The Benefits Of Using The Best Meal Preparation Bags


1. Tidy Meal Preparation

  • Whatever type of dish you might want to bring and store; whether a soup or fried and dried dishes, meal preparation bags is essential for proper storage and packaging
  • Specific compartments and spill and leak-free containers offer a safer and more organized way of keeping your meal

2. Avoid Rush and Unhealthy Diet

  • Having a meal preparation bag that comes in handy with your daily activity lets you avoid rushing onto fast food chains for unhealthy in takes
  • With food stored at its optimum temperature in the best meal prep bag, you can always schedule when to eat without worrying for spoilage

3. Can be Healthy Whenever, Wherever

  • Whether it is at the office, at the gym, on the hill or on the road, you can always be as healthy as you want and stick to your diet as you need
  • The purpose of having the right diet on hand when and where you need it can’t be exchanged for anything more important

10 Best Meal Preparation Bags In 2017- Reviews Below

As we have already mentioned some related products and cited some considerations that will help us to assess its quality and efficiency, below are some product reviews of 10 of the best meal preparation bags;


1. 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300

This is a stealth meal management bag that comes in various colors


  • It can contain up to three meals in an adjustable insulated system
  • Upon purchase, three snap lid containers are made available
  • Specially provided with a large Sports Nutrition Container perfect for athletes in keeping nutrition supplements and energy bars
  • Preloaded with gel packs to keep temperature controlled for food to last for more than 8 hours
  • Has side pocket for water and shake bottle storage to keep you hydrated


  • Provided containers are unable to latch and might cause leakage if not carried carefully

2. Hayden Premium Automatic Soap Dispenser

The Original Hayden Autosoap - Premium Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser - Fingerprint Resistant Brushed Stainless Steel - Hand Sanitiser compatible - (NEW Waterproof Base!)
The dispenseris made from fingerprint resistant stainless steel and ABS plastic materials. It has a capacity of 280ml and requires input power from 4 AAA batteries. It has infrared technology that automatically detects your hand and dispenses the right amount of soap.
Additionally, the dispenser has an easy to clean smudge resistant exterior that only requires simple wiping with a damp cloth. Finally, it has three adjustable volumes to control the amount of soap coming from the faucet.


  • Hayden has a sleek modern design that looks fabulous in any bathroom or kitchen sink. It will, therefore, stay looking fabulous for as long as it can.
  • It works with any liquid soap including hand sanitizers.
  • The product is touch free thereby minimizing the chances of spreading any contagious diseases between the users.
  • The dispenser is easy to set up and use.


  • Some customers have complained of various malfunctions.


3. Sowden Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser-The best

This best automatic foam dispenserhas a body made of ABS plastic and a capacity of 16 ounces. With an input power of 4 AA batteries, the dispenser outputs 0.6ml/1.2ml of foam soap. You can therefore change the form volume into either of the two depending on what best suits you.


  • With the dispenser, you can use 75% less soap since it allows you to dilute your favorite soap with water.
  • It is long lasting as its 16-ounce reservoir lasts up to 830 hand washes.
  • It is efficient and therefore enjoys up to a 1-year warranty.
  • The product is space saving as it can be wall mounted.


  • The on and off button is hidden at the back which some users do not enjoy.

4. Umbro Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

This best soap dispenser for the kitchen is made of moulded plastic with a matte finish. It has a modern design that will add to the look of any kitchen and bathroom counter.
The product dispenses 0.07oz (2ml) of soap touch free and holds 0.6oz (166ml) of soap and hand sanitizer. Finally, 4 AAA batteries power the product and need replacement upon draining.


  • Umbro is flexible as it can be used to dispel more than one liquid including hand soap and hand sanitizers.
  • It is easy to set up and use.
  • It is efficient as it saves on the amount of soap used.


  • Some customers have reported unexpected malfunctions after changing the batteries.
  • Too slow and undependable for high traffic.

5. Simplehuman 8 oz Sensor Pump

The simplehuman touch-free compact sensor pump is one of the best automatic soap dispensers to wash your hands. It uses 4 AA batteries and is made from brushed nickel.


  • The product does not have a drip valve to create seal-prevening messy drips.
  • The product has been engineering to dispense soap speedily. In fact, it does that consistently in just 2-seconds.
  • It has easy to operate and accessible volume control.
  • Additionally, the product is energy efficient as it can use four alkaline AA batteries that can last up to one year.
  • It’s silicon valve prevents messy drips.


  • The sensor can be too sensitive to some users as a result of its top speed reaction. Any IR signal can cause it to dispense.

6. Svinz 15 oz Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

This best touchless foaming soap dispenseris made of plastic and stainless steel. Additionally, it has a large capacity of about 450ml which is twice compared to others in the market. It operates on 4 AAA batteries and has LED low battery indicator to keep users informed when the batteries are just about to get drained.


  • Instant accurate dispensingin just 0.5 seconds.
  • Flexible as it can be used to dispense more than one liquid including soap, lotions, and hand sanitizers.
  • It is energy efficient as its 4 AAA batteries can last up to a year.


  • The two adjustable volumes can dispense either too large an amount or too little an amount.

7. Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser by Rickyaaron Brand

This simple and practical product is one of the best touchless foaming soap dispenser ideal for the both the kitchen and the bathroom. With a capacity of up to 16.2 ounces, the dispenser uses 4 AA batteries that can provide up to forty thousand times out of foam.


  • No touch and easy to use operation.
  • The product works with any soap.
  • It has an adjustable volume to control more than one volume of soap.
  • Furthermore, it is economical since it uses 75% less soap compared to other dispensers.
  • It is space saving as every unit can be wall mounted.


  • Does not come with screws though the product specifies that it can be wall mounted.
  • Can be noisy to some users.


8. EcoDefy Automatic Countertop Dispenser

This touchless countertop dispenser features a gorgeous brushed stainless steel design and is one of the best soap dispensers for thekitchen. Nevertheless, it is also ideal for the bathroom. Finally, the product is powered by 4 AAA batteries and uses any liquid hand or dish soap.



  • The dispenser has a stunning modern design that adds glamour to any kitchen’s or bathroom’s interior designs.
  • It is easy to use and comes with a one year warranty.
  • Kids will fall in love with it as a result of its stunning design.
  • It has an adjustable soap volume.
  • Also, it has an energy saving battery life.


  • It can dispense fewer liquids for some users depending on their desires.
  • It gets soap on the base sometimes when it dispenses.

9. Opernee Automatic Soap Dispenser

This stainless steel and ABS plastic dispenser is durable and ensure a long working time. It has three volume levels to allow for adjustable dispensing of soap and is powered by 4 AAA batteries. With a capacity of 280ml, you are sure of making the soap refills less often.


  • Like most of the best touchless foam soap dispenser, it is easy to set up and use.
  • It has anti-leakage and waterproof mechanisms.
  • It has a long working time.


  • Some users have reported unexpected malfunctioning after a small duration of application.

The editors choice

Hayden Premium Automatic Soap Dispenser

Out of the nine soap dispensers mentioned herein, I choose the Hyden Premium Automatic Soap Dispenser as the best of them all.
First and fore most, the dispenser has earned the highest approval rating from most of its users including me. Highest approval rating means highest customer satisfaction.
Additionally, the dispenser is made of both stainless steel and ABS plastic. This means that it will enjoy the longest durability possible in comparison to those made of plastic material alone.
Also, it has a relatively good capacity of 280ml. It can, therefore, dispense the liquid placed in it for a long time without requiring frequent refills.
Finally, apart from having three adjustable volumes, it can work with any soap, making it a flexible option.

The above reason makes it the best automatic soap dispensers that you can find at leading online stores, especially Amazon.


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