Top 5 Best Jewelry Boxes

Best jewelry boxesJewelry is always expensive purchases, and to keep them from deteriorating, secure storage is essential. Instead of buying temporary plastic ones that do not serve your purposes too well, here in this article, you’ll find the perfect guide to picking the best jewelry boxes for you!

Top 5 Best Jewelry Boxes in 2020 – Comparison Table

Product ImageNameEditor RatingsPrice
Kendal Shining Brown Leather Jewelry BoxA+
SONGMICS UJBC121B Jewelry Box/OrganizerA+
SONGMICS Girls Jewelry Box (Lockable)A+
Lenox Childhood MemoriesA
Glenor 28 Section Classic

What are jewelry organizer boxes?

Jewelry boxes are used to store precious belongings to ensure that they don’t get lost and are safe from damages such as breakage and rusting. They come in different shapes and designs to suit your need; hence according to the items you want to keep safe.

Why are they important you ask?

Besides the already mentioned benefits such as preventing the loss or damage to your belongings, here are a few other reasons why you might want to own a box for storing jewelry –

  • Saves time – your accessories are well organized and so you can immediately find what you’re looking for.
  • Saves space – your items are all in one place instead of being scattered around everywhere, occupying extra and unnecessary space.
  • Ensures privacy – you can lock it away from your kids or anybody else from having access to it.
  • Portable – some jewelry boxes are designed for you to be able to carry them around in case you want to jewel yourself on the go!
  • Allows visuals – some boxes contain mirrors; this way, even when you’re on the go, you can quickly check how you look with your jewelry on!
Nonetheless, it also works great as a centerpiece on your dresser! Here in this article, you’ll find a perfect guide to purchasing the best box that suits your need best.

A few of our luxury jewelry box brands include:

Glenor Co

Glenor Co promises to provide its customers with high quality, admirably crafted products at affordable prices. The main aim of this brand of jewelry boxes is to spoil their customers by ensuring that they are fully content with their purchase.


Songmics seeks to design the most aesthetic, versatile looking products that would instantly please their customer’s visual demands. You can expect products of fine workmanship that would meet your basic needs and also add to your home décor!


This brand of boxes crafts their products in beautiful artwork and interesting color combinations to provide its customers with utter joy and visual satisfaction. They are criticized for their storage space, but perfect for children’s knick-knacks!

3 best jewelry organizers for storing necklaces

If your primary reason to get one is to store necklaces, to narrow down your search, here are some of the top quality jewelry boxes for necklaces!

Kendal Shining Brown Leather Jewelry Box

Made out of fine leather, this multifunctional organizer box allows you to hang your necklaces on small hooks in a separate compartment so that they don’t get mixed up with your other jewelries!

SONGMICS Girls Jewelry Box (Lockable)

This box comes with different sized compartments for necklaces and bracelets. It is designed in such a way that there’s an abundance of space not only to store a number of different items, but also to prevent your necklaces and bracelets from tangling.

Kendal Black Leather Jewelry Box

Another Kendal’s creation that live up to its customers’ need. With either side of its door constructed with hooks, you can place your necklaces and simultaneously display them too. It also includes little pouches at the end where you can tuck in long necklaces if they are dangling.

10 Best Jewelry Box Reviews-

1. Lenox Childhood Memories

This musical jewelry box crafted in metal is the perfect gift for the little princess at home.


  • It gives you the personal feel as you can engrave your name on it
  • It’s elegantly designed in pink and silver patterns and looks more expensive than the price you’re paying for it
  • The quality is good so you can expect it to last long without deteriorating
  • It’s a classical musical box with a good tune and a dancing ballerina that would surely bring out the inner child in you
  • Lined compartments to separate different types of jewelry


  • It’s a silver box and will require regular polishing to keep it from tarnishing or getting scratches
  • Not suitable to fit too many items
  • It’s delicate, so you have to be cautious when handling it so it doesn’t break

2. Enchantments Ballerina Musical

Another classic pink themed musical box with its exterior decorated with beautiful ballerina artwork; making it an ideal present for the dance lovers!


  • Pleasant music and plays for a reasonable length of time
  • It has proven to be very durable
  • There are secret compartments that are fun for toddlers to find and use and plenty of room for storing their tiny studs, pins and other knick knacks
  • It’s tiny and lightweight; ideal for travel!


  • Complained to be of poor quality as it is made out of cardboard and could have defected corners
  • Small storage for actual jewelry
  • The windup mechanism is fragile

3) Glenor Co Classic 50-Section

A modern box for jewelry uniquely crafted; combining sophistication and class. With its compartments neatly designed, it’s an ideal box for you to store pairs of earrings!


  • The compartments allow you to separate and organize your jewelry hence allowing you to easily locate them
  • The individual slots are spacious
  • Quality is excellent and promises an efficient clasp
  • Black themed and elegant exterior with very stylish detail


  • It’s difficult to pick items from the slots once placed there
  • The sections are too small for medium to large sized earrings.
  • Mirror is fragile

4) Kendal Black Leather

This travel jewelry box is gorgeously crafted in sleek black leather and lives up to your convenience!


  • Provides ample space for a wide range of jewelry
  • Comes with a portable box inside that is perfect for travel
  • Comes with a tricky latch and lock mechanism making it perfectly childproof
  • Smooth and soft interior that protects your jewelries from scratches and damages


  • Prone to scratches because of the material it’s made from; might not be suitable for everyday use
  • More expensive than the service it provides
  • Locking mechanism does not provide enough security; easy to break through
  • Pieces of the box are poorly attached to each other

5) SONGMICS Girls Jewelry Box (Lockable)

With its outer surface enchantingly designed in white faux leather, this large jewelry box is certainly going to enhance your home décor besides satisfying your jewelry storage purposes.


  • Suitable and contains plenty of room for all types of items:  rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches
  • Very well built with attention to detail
  • Comes with a lock that gives you the privacy you desire, with a promising clasp
  • Cost-effective


  • Flimsy and prone to breaking
  • Door does not evenly close after a few times of open and shut

6) KLOUD City Purple Jewelry Organizer/Box

This compact box for jewelry promises to organize your jewelries in a neat, well-mannered way in its individual slots!


  • The rich suede material will keep your expensive jewelry safe from damaging
  • You can lock away your goodies
  • Well laid out for the presentation of your jewelry
  • Well constructed with no loose stitches, no material flaws or loose dividers


  • Not quite long lasting
  • Clasp on the lock doesn’t catch well
  • Storage space for necklaces is too small to prevent them from tangling
  • Dividers fall apart quite easy

7) SONGMICS UJBC121B Jewelry Organizer

Another multifunctional structured jewelry organizer box, elegantly designed in black faux leather and high quality velvet; ideal to store watches, rings, earrings, ear studs, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, and brooches all together!


  • Excellent quality for the price that’s paid for it
  • Compartments are well organized; spacious and displays your jewelries
  • Compact enough to carry and travel with
  • Adjustable dividers to make space according to your need


  • Flimsy; no promise it will last long
  • Easy to turn the lock without a key

8) Glenor 28 Section Classic

The compartments of this box are constructed in such a way that it will keep your jewelry organized, neat and gracefully displayed. It is well designed, bringing together style and elegance.


  • Outstanding quality; sturdy and long lasting
  • Has sufficient space for your items; different sized compartments for different types of jewelries; which makes jewelries easy to find
  • Efficient clasp
  • Admirable craftsmanship; enhances the look of your dresser


  • Not suitable for travel
  • Mirror is fragile

9) Stackers Jewelry Box

This unique box lives to serve your needs by giving you the opportunity to create your own box to store jewelry with different interior layouts and sizes to choose from!


  • Customizable; create a box as individual as yourself
  • Perfect color combination of cream and deep purple
  • Parts are assembled in a fine, high-quality manner
  • Ideal for travel


  • It’s expensive
  • Not convenient for necklaces and bracelets
  • Small in size

10) Kendal Shining Brown Leather Jewelry Box

This box for stroing jewelry is innovatively designed in the finest leather and promises a room for every type of jewelry that you own!


  • Great value for the money you’re paying for it
  • Latches perfectly
  • Stores an ample amount of jewelries
  • Provides the security you seek; locking mechanism secures it from others meddling with your trinkets
  • Extravagantly crafted to add beauty to your dresser
  • Showcases your collection in glamour and style


  • Not made of original leather
  • Scratch marks are easily noticeable on the outside

 How to choose a jewelry organizer box for you?

These are some questions you might want to ask yourself before buying a jewelry box –

What do you want to store?jewelry-boxes guide

Each box is uniquely designed according to the items that can be stored in there; this includes multi-compartment designs that you can use to categorize different kinds of jewelry or specialized ones for only certain items. Decide on the items that YOU want to keep; look for slots to keep your rings or hooks to hang necklaces.

✔ How many items do you want to store?

As they come in different sizes, you might want to consider the capacity of the box you are willing to buy. Consider the number of items, the type of items and the size of items you want to store and hence accordingly, satisfy your need!

✔ What is your need?

Are you looking for something that you can carry around or simply for home purposes? For portability, go for lightweight, travel easy boxes. Conversely, for storage purposes at home, go for the kind that best enhances your home décor!jewelry box

✔ How valuable is your jewelry? Are they brittle?

Protection plays a vital part of your need to buy a jewelry box; much more when you want to store expensive, delicate items. Hence when purchasing, look for nylon or cotton covering inside, or padded ones that can provide protection even if you accidentally drop the box.

Now that you have asked yourself the important questions, in the following section of the article, we have discussed top 10 jewelry boxes in the world along with their pros and cons to make it easier for you to pick your favorite!

Final Words

In conclusion, evaluating your needs and the other mentioned points on how to choose the best jewelry box for you, we guarantee you that you will not end up with a box that you will immediately regret spending on.

A personal favorite is the SONGMICS UJBC121B Jewelry Organizer. Its aesthetic black exterior and the contrasting crème interior create visual drama while the multifunctional portions, save space and eliminate the need to own any other box for storing pieces of jewelry.

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