Best Himalayan Salt Lamps in 2019

Guide to the best place to buy himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp is a lamp that consists of a rock from himalayan salt with a bulb on the inside.

These lamps usually come with a stand and dimmable switch and sometimes with a crafty basket holder.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp is known to purify the air and help alleviate allergies, sinus, and other respiratory issues as well as improve sleep and creating a relaxing and calming effect.

I have had my Himalayan Salt Lamp for over two years now and can testify that it does all these things and more!


Best Himalayan Salt Lamps in 2019 – Summary

Product ImageNameEditor RatingsPrice
The Levoit Elora Hand Carved Natural Crystal LampA+
The Rakaposhi Natural Himalayan Salt Rock LampA+
The Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Natural LampA
The WBM LLC Himalayan Glow Natural Bamboo LampA
The Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in StarA


9 Best Quality Himalayan Salt Lamps – Reviews

I cannot stress it more than you make sure to purchase the “right” Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp from a good supplier, so as to get the real thing!

Here are a few brands that to me are the top Himalayan  Crystal Salt Lamps that you can most certainly trust!

1. The Levoit Elora Hand Carved Natural Crystal Lamp

The Levoit Elora is a hand carved Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp that is made from only the highest grade Himalayan salt crystals. It also comes with a safety certified UL-listed cord which is a big benefit because of the tendency of these cords to become burnt out.

The Levoit Elora comes beautifully packaged and easy to use with a touch control button to switch the lamp on and off as well as to adjust the brightness. This is one of the better brands of  Salt Lamps that I can certainly approve of personally.


  • Very beautiful design.
  • Excellent reviews and ratings.
  • Adjustable brightness switch.
  • Easy to use and reach the switch.
  • Soothing and calming effect.
  • Promotes better sleep.


  • Very small and expensive.
  • Switch button does not work very well.

2. The WBM LLC Himalayan Glow Natural Bamboo Lamp

The WBM LLC Himalayan Glow Natural Bamboo Lamp comes in a unique and stunning styled bamboo basket made from original bamboo. The lamp is carved out of 100% pure Himalayan rock salt Crystals making it one of the best quality Salt Lamps that you will find.

It comes with a dimmable light switch and an ETL approved cord to prevent accidents and burnouts. The dimensions of the lamp are 6×6 and it is 11 inches tall, the perfect size for your home.


  • Makes a lovely centerpiece.
  • Stunning design and basket.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Helps with sinuses and allergies.
  • Very soothing and calming.


  • Electrical cord burns out.
  • The lamp leaks water.


3. The Crystal Decor Dimmable Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

For that relaxing feeling of visiting a mountain, or untamed river that leaves you mentally refreshed, the Crystal Decor Dimmable Natural Salt Lamp is exactly what you need.

You can bring the natural beauty of the Himalayas to the comfort of your own home with this majestically Salt Lamp that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is beneficial.

Crystal Decor Dimmable Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp is decorative and effective, perfect for your home or the office.


  • Neutralizes ions in the air.
  • Purifies the air.
  • Promotes better and deeper sleep.
  • Has a lovely glow.
  • Very decorative.


  • The switch does not work.
  • The cord is faulty.
  • Some customers received a damaged product.

4. The Hemingweigh Himalayan Gl Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Hemingweigh Himalayan Gl Salt Lamp is a handmade natural Himalayan SaltLamp made in Pakistan. Each and every lamp that is made is unique and made with much care and attention to detail.

The Hemingweigh Himalayan Gl will create a very calming amber color with a lovely glow once it is lit that will soothe and comfort you.

The Hemingweigh Himalayan Gl Salt Lamp also comes with a two-year limited warranty for quality and peace of mind.


  • Very well packaged.
  • They have adjustable light settings.
  • They give off a warm soothing glow.
  • Very stunning design.


  • The product has a bad smell.
  • Some customers received a broken and damaged product.
  • The cord does not work.

5. The Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Natural Lamp

The Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Natural Lamp is a set of two beautifully crafted Salt Lamps that come with a safety UL-Listed cord to prevent burnouts and other issues as well as a 15-watt light bulb.

You will also receive a certified stone info card with your Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Natural Lamp, ensuring you of the 100% Himalayan salt that has been used to handcraft the lamp.

The base is manufactured from pure Neem wood and is sturdy and well crafted. The Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Natural Lamp comes with a 90-day money back guarantee for complete customer satisfaction.


  • Come very well packaged.
  • Large and heavy.
  • A lovely soothing glow.
  • Very good quality.
  • Has a dimmer switch.


  • Very difficult to change the light bulb.
  • Some customers received a damaged product.

6. The Waterglider International Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Waterglider International Himalayan Salt Lamp comes in a set of two with a 15-watt bulb and a hand carved wooden base.

This salt lamp used to manufacture the Waterglider International  Salt Lamp is derived straight from the Himalayan Mountains.

These salt lamps are very similar to room ionizers in functionality and create a calming and aesthetically pleasing effect in any room in your home.



  • Instantly relaxes the room.
  • The pictures show true color.
  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Very beautiful design.


  • The lamp does not last very long.
  • Some customers received a broken product.
  • The lamp leaks water.

7. The Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Star

One of my top choices, the Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp is available in different stunningly carved designs such as the bagua, flower, star, angel, sun, cross, Jesus, leaf, snowflake and buddha.

This lamp makes the perfect gift with its gorgeous designs! The Crystal Decor Natural ensures all natural lighting as it is manufactured from only the purest hand-mined Himalayan salt rock crystals.

You can create a unique ambient and soothing effect in almost any room in your home with this Lamp.The Crystal Decor Natural Salt Lamp also comes with a no hassle 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Comes with a dimmer function.
  • Very highly rated and good reviews.
  • A stunning design in a nice metal basket.
  • Helps relieve sinus problems and allergies.
  • Very calming and relaxing glow.


  • Has a caustic smell.
  • The dimmer function stops working after a while.
  • The light bulb does not last at all.


8. The Natural Himalayan Salt Metal Basket Lamp

I have found Natural Himalayan Salt Metal Basket Lamp to be one of the most decorative Salt Lamps as well as making a perfect gift.

The Natural Himalayan Salt Metal Basket Lamp is 7.5 inches tall and 5×5 inches wide, a perfect small size for those smaller spaces and for decorating your room or even a dining room table.

You can create a fantastic and intimate dinner setting or even a calming bathroom setting for a long relaxing bath with this cute little lamp.

Most definitely a lamp that I will consider for my own home as decoration!



  • Looks very good and has a nice glow.
  • Great reviews and ratings.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Very affordable.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Makes a lovely gift.


  • Does not last very long
  • Leaks water.

9. The Rakaposhi Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

You cannot go wrong with the Rakaposhi Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp, for cleansed and deodorized air and better sleep.
The Rakaposhi Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp uses Hygroscopy to remove dust, pollen and other allergens and contaminants by trapping positive ions and releasing negative ions into the air. This means reduced allergies and asthma symptoms, better sleep and better energy levels.

The Rakaposhi Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp is uniquely hand carved from only the highest grade natural Himalayan Rocks Salt Crystals.


  • The perfect size.
  • Some good reviews and ratings.
  • Very well packaged.
  • A solid and good quality wooden base.
  • Has a calming and soothing effect.
  • A lovely looking lamp.


  • Complaints about lamps received with missing parts or no bulb.
  • Damaged products were received.


What to Consider when Choosing a Himalayan Lamp?

Choosing the best Himalayan salt rock lamps can be quite a difficult task as there are so many on the market.

You need to keep in mind that there are however a few pros and cons of Salt Lamps, they do tend to leak water when they are not warmed frequently, and their bulbs do not last exceptionally long because they need to be on most of the time.

There are not many dangers using Salt Lamps, except for maybe the bulb exploding or the cords are burning out. But when you get the top salt lamp brands you will not experience any negative issues.

A. Quality and Sturdy Construction

• Make sure that your Himalayan lamps is sturdy and has good finishes with no chips or scratches.
• The base of the Himalayan salt rock lamp should be well fitted and sturdy, it is usually made from wood.
• Some Himalayan SaltLamps come in very decorative and crafty metal or wood boxes, these are great options for gifts or decorations in your home.

B. The purity of the Himalayan Salt

• Make sure that you buy from reputable suppliers.

C. It’s Functions

• Make sure that your lamp is genuinely Himalayan salt otherwise it will have no health benefits whatsoever.
• Look at the color and consistency of the salt lamp, it should be hard, heavy and a pinkish color.
• Makes sure that there is some guarantee or quality assurance.
• Buy from a reputable supplier and make sure to read the reviews and ratings beforehand.

D. Maintaining a Himalayan Salt Lamp

• A Salt Lamp needs to be kept warm in order to keep the salt from melting and leaking as a liquid.
• Keep your Himalayan SaltLamp switched on as much as possible.
• You can wipe your Himalayan salt rock lamp clean with a wet cloth but avoid any soaps or chemicals.
• For the Maximum benefits of your Himalayan SaltLamp, you will need to switch it to full brightness.

E. The Bulbs

• I use oven or fridge bulbs in my salt lamp, they are available in almost any grocery store.
• You can, however, order specialized Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp bulbs online.
• Because Salt Lamps have to stay on most of the time and take such small bulbs the bulbs usually do not last very long.

As you can see there are a few things to keep in mind in maintaining and choosing your Salt Lamp, but if you follow these guidelines you should get a couple of years of use from the best Salt Lamps as well as all the health benefits.


Benefits Of Using A Salt Rock Lamp?

I cannot start to tell you about all the benefits of the Himalayan Lamp, mine has most certainly worked for me and is one of the best investments I have made so far.

Just keep in mind to buy something that you are sure is good quality and the best ones.

I use my Salt Lamp every night, I even have one in my children’s room and I have experienced a very noticeable difference!

A. You will notice clearer sinus and much easier breathing

B. It helps with allergies, sinus, asthma and many other respiratory conditions

C. The best Salt Lamp ionizes and purifies the air for cleaner air to breathe.

D. Salt Lamp soothes and relaxes you and gives you a good night’s rest by promoting deeper sleep.

E. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

F. it works wonders to help your kids when they have colds or blocked noses and also improves their sleep patterns.

G. The light of most of the best Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps can be dimmed so that you can sleep with it on.

H. The Himalayan Lamp creates a warm and peaceful glow that is not too bright but just perfect for sleeping and relaxing.

I. It has gorgeous colors and patterns to look and it can be very decorative in your home.

J. Some of the best Salt Lamps come in a decorative wood or metal basket and can also make excellent gifts.

I can attest that the Himalayan Lamp really does make a difference, I have had only great benefits with mine and have not regretted my purchase for a single day.
You will most definitely only have advantages for your health and peace of mind by investing in the best Salt Lamp.

Our Two Favorites Salt Lamps

The Levoit Elora Hand Carved Natural Crystal Lamp and the Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp in Star, are by far my two favorites and best Himalayan crystal salt lamps.

I currently use the Levoit Elora in my own home, it is guaranteed natural and effective and I like the fact that the cord is UL-listed for safety.

I will most definitely invest in the Crystal décor as well particularly for the lovely shapes and figures it comes in, I have also considered it as an idea for Christmas gifts this year.

In Conclusion

I have weighed up the pros and cons of Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps and feel confident enough that there aren’t really many dangers of Salt Lamps, and can definitely recommend them as only being beneficial to me so far.

One of my biggest questions was, Where can I buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp, well I found my two best Himalayan Salt Lamp brands on Amazon. Com and here they are;

First, the , a hand-carved Lamp made from the highest grade Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals. This lamp also comes with a safety UL-listed cord and touch control button with dimmer function.

Secondly the , it is also crafted from the finest natural Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals that have been hand mined.

What I also love about this lamp is the fact that it comes in so many lovely shapes and figures, perfect for a child or adults room and makes a great gift idea.

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