30 Ultimate Beauty Tips Every Teen Must Know Now

It’s Prom Season! Knock Knock!

Start fixing your beauty essentials way ahead. In case you don’t want to jeopardize your prom night with a beauty- emergency alarm.

That even on the moment when you are all set to pull off that Insta-Worthy hair up-do.

Nope, don’t be the beauty risk taker.

After all flawless skin doesn’t happen overnight.  With two months in hand, devote yourself to beautification. . Get your glow back on



Here Goes Our 7 Prom Prep Checklist Alos known As 7 Teen Beauty- Tips

Good Sleep-beauty tips for teen


Check these out and keep yourself all-spirited up to pull out the best beauty romantic look for that Big Night.

  1. You should start your beauty regime at-least 3 months before, if you want to look picture-perfect.
  2. Acne-prone skins? See, that’s why we told you start prepping 3 months before. Start 3-step routine. Cleansing toning and hydrating. Look for the 5 simple rules we got covered specifically for teenage skin care down below.
  3. Don’t fret out! You still have the time. But don’t even get desperate and turn it into a beauty disaster. Rather consult with a skin expert to find the best way to fix any lingering issue within 3 months.
  4. Now’s not the time to be the beauty risk-taker. Stick to tried-and-true Skincare products
  1. Make your beauty appointment, starting from nails, eye-brows to the hair-cut
  2. Reshape your eyebrows. Most essentially – never go for waxing your eyebrows just the day before your prom. You should at least keep 4 to 5 days in hand after waxing your eyebrows. It takes time to make your eye and looks adjusted to the new eyebrow done and plus sometimes the skin surrounding the eye also might swell-up. So keep few days in hand.
  3. Don’t want to go for a hair-cut? That’s Okay! But make sure to have your hair-trimmed at least a month back.


Now with 3 months in hands, get to know skincare essentials every 20-something needs to know.


Here are the 10 beauty tips to step up your beauty game:


  • Got zits? To get zits out quick and fast dab a small amount of toothpaste on it. Wait and you notice your zit drying out in seconds.
  • Now you don’t have to break your banks for buying handy stuffs like makeup remover pads. In fact you can make your own luxurious ones. Cut out cotton pads in the shape and soak the cotton pads in coconut oil and store them in a nice vintage glass container.
  • Make use of your old mascara brushes. Soak the old brush in oil. Oil will help in getting the old dried mascara out. Wash it in water. Use a old tooth brush if needed. Done? There you got a new brow brush to tame your eyebrows.
  • Invest in a chick makeup bag. Or you can also make one yourself. But be-sure to keep a different bag for carrying your makeup items. Or you will end up have=ing your eyeliners without caps and that is going to make your liner less-hygienic.
  • With three months in hand it is high time that you stop heat-styling your hair. Start opting for heatless techniques.
  • Invest in a good sunscreen powder and avoid cream ones.
  • Apply Vaseline or coconut oil on your brows and eye lashes just before going to sleep. In this way not only will they go longer but also appear fuller.
  • Avoid ingrown hairs by tweezing in the direction they grow.
  • Re-purpose your old lipsticks by mixing small bit of lipstick with Vaseline and then micro-oven the mixture few minute to dilute. Stir and have your own tinted lip balm.
  • Invest in a good facial cleansing brush. After all you got three months in hand before your prom. Make a good use of this three months and a facial cleansing brush is a worth investment. If you can stretch your budget a lit further then a microdermabrasion machine can solve all your skin problems.



10 over-night beauty tips to ramp up the Beauty!

Lipstick-beauty tips for teen

  1. Exfoliate dry lips with a soft brittle toothbrush. Ally generous amount of honey and leave it overnight. Wake up with lusciously soft lips the next morning.
  2. Mix honey and olive oil. Apply on split-ends and leave it over-night to find it much moisture the next morning.
  3. Night-time is the time when skin cells grow. So don’t forget to apply your skin cream before going to sleep.
  4. To get smooth shiny hair, apply coconut oil on your hair and wear a shower cap before you got to sleep. If there is no shower cap around then make sure to cover your pillow with a big towel. Wake up the next morning and shampoo to reveal smooth lustrous hair.
  5. Make the most use out of Shea butter. Apply Shea butter enriched cream on hands and dry feet.
  6. Castor oil contains essential fatty acid. So treat your lashes with castor oil before going to sleep. Wash it off the next morning to get much fuller eye lashes to flick around.
  7. Add an extra pillow before going to sleep. This will help you to get rid of puffy eyes as excess fluid will drain away properly.
  8. Get a Egyptian Queen Cleopatra’s milk and honey bath just before you hit the bed. No you don’t need tons of milk bottles from that. Just mix 2 cups of milk and 3 spoons of honey and if possible add rose petals. Combine them and pour it in your bath tub. Let your body relax in the bath tub for elegantly softer skin.
  9. Make your nails grow faster overnight by applying a nutrient-rich oil lotion and if you can then invest on a nail hydration formula.
  10. Skin renewable sleeping mask is another best beauty treatment for overnight.





 Be it for your sweet sixteen party or be it for your best prom night, you can in no way avoid taking care of your skin.

√ Start simple from your early years and hold on to your good habits.


That’s the way to keep looking gorgeously healthy even after your 30’s.

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