Baby Shower Tips : Unique & Complete Guide For a Successful Event

The baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected birth of a child by showering gifts upon the mother-to-be and allowing her to relax and enjoy a good time with friends and family after a stressful pregnancy period.

Why is it important you ask? It is a way of helping new parents to feel less overwhelmed by equipping them with exactly what they need when the baby arrives – be it baby toys, clothes or even guidelines from experienced moms!

It can be stressful to organize a baby shower. Hence in this article, we have covered 10 baby shower tips; discussing budget concerns, themes and the right decorations for the perfect baby shower!


What To Consider Before Arranging A Baby Shower?


1. Decide Who Will Be HostingHost _ Baby Shower Ideas

– Would it be just you? Or would you ask a friend or family member to assist you?


2.Set A Budget

Would you want to go an extra mile or just the minimal? In this article, we have also discussed some baby shower decoration ideas when you’re on a strict budget!


3. Decide The Location

This will depend on your budget. Would it be indoor or outdoor? Do you want to host it at a restaurant, your place or that of a friend’s?

4. Make A Guest ListGuest List For Baby Shower

Decide who all you want to invite. Would it be all women? Or would it be couples? How many people can you arrange for?


5. Choose A Theme

Do you prefer a themed event? We will mention some example themes in this article which you could use as an inspiration.


6. Plan The Menu

What kind of food would you want to serve to your guests? A typical baby shower usually has finger foods and lots of desserts!


7. Plan Some Games For Your Guests

This is optional however, you could spice up the event with some games such as Dirty Diapers, Guess the baby game etc.

10 Baby Shower Tips And Ideas For A Successful Event!


1. Send Out Cute InvitationsInvitations - Baby Shower Ideas

This is a perfect way to get everyone excited about the event before it even begins!


2. Place Centerpieces To Grab Attention

Amp up the environment with vintage centerpieces! For vases, you could add a varied colored combination of flowers or you could stick to shades of pink if it’s a girl and shades of blue if it’s a boy; whatever best suits your theme!


3. Ensure Suitable Lighting

Lighting is a vital part of your decoration as it plays a significant role in setting the mood. Pick your lighting according to your theme. If you want it to be a playful event, go for an outdoor setting and enjoy the sunlight! Conversely, a soothing, calm event calls for lots of candles!


4. Arrange A Good Mealsalmon toasts-Baby Shower Tips

Ensure that guests enjoy a satisfying meal. You could prepare simple yet tasty snacks such as salmon toasts! Get the party started with scrumptious appetizers!


5. Set Out The Food Buffet Style

Display your food items so your guests can have a good look at the mouthwatering dishes! This adds a festive vibe and nonetheless ups the visual drama.


6. Create A Backdrop

Add banners and garlands behind buffet tables, ceilings or just about anywhere to emphasize on the festivity!


7. Include Fancy Refreshments In Your Menu

It’s always delightful to take a sip of lemon iced tea. Whatever the theme, add minty or tropical drinks to allow guests to feel enlivened at all times!


8. Prepare A Dessert Corner

Decorate a table for the sweet tooth! Buy candies in bulk and put them in mason jars with old-school labels; securing them with satin ribbons. Place a cupcake stand with stunningly iced cupcakes and bowls full of chocolate bars! Also, include a well-decorated cake.


9. Pick A Game

There is number of games that can be played during your baby shower. Select a game that you find best! It’s a great way to engage your guests and have an evening full of joy and laughter.


10. Send Out Thank You Notesthank you notes - Baby Shower Ideas

End the day by showing guests your appreciation with a thoughtful baby shower favor!


5  Baby Shower Themes To Give You Inspiration


1. Alphabets And Numbers

Growing up, most of the child’s years are spent in school so why not welcome the baby to a nursery themed event? Decorate your space with balloons shaped in numbers or alphabets and children’s books. You could even use foam floor tiles with alphabets on it! Serve your guests with cookies and cupcakes with numbers designed on it.


2. Sunflowers And Roses

It’s always refreshing to be within nature! Set up a garden themed baby shower outdoor; combining bright balloons and floral decors. Include minty tropical drinks to set the mood! Remember to add lots of green and colors!


3. Beauty And SpaBeauty and spa - baby shower tips

If you don’t want to do something cliché, you could invest a little more and arrange a spa day! Since the mother-to-be will soon be engaged with the little newborn and barely have time off, spoil her with some refreshing drinks, rejuvenating treatments, luxurious bath accessories and lots and lots of pampering! Treat your guests with manicures and pedicures.

4. Coffee And Sweet Tooth

Turn your indoor space into a Starbucks café for your guests! Invite your guests to an evening full of caffeine and sugar. Decorate your space with centerpieces of white-and-black paper flowers, jars filled with coffee beans secured with ribbons and set a low lighting. Serve your guests with carrot cakes, smoked chicken sandwiches, brownies and flavored coffees!

5. BABY-Q Party

Invite your guests to a mini BBQ party filled with festive music and delicious steaks! Decorate your outdoor space with lanterns and fairy lights and include lots of BBQ sauce in the menu!

3. Modern-day

Throw a modern day themed baby shower by selecting a 3-4 pale color combination such as yellow, gray and teal. Use elegant flower bouquets and serve your fancy, sophisticated guests gourmet burgers and assorted macaroons!


5  Tips On Decorating Your Baby Shower When You’re Under A Strict Budget


If You’re Looking For Arranging An Exquisite Event With A Budget, Here’s Your Guide!Baby Shower Decoration - baby shower tips

1. Decorate your space with DIY tissue paper flowers as a great substitute for floral designs

2. Add colorful ribbons to your furniture along with tablecloths to make your living space look livelier!

3. Throw in lots of balloons! They are the cheapest party decors. You could stick them or leave them on the ground. You could even attach ribbons to them and hang them in places as a great substitute for helium balloons.

4. Attach paper lanterns to ceilings to set in the festive mood!

5. Add DIY banners! They are a quick and easy way to spice up a room or to draw attention to your food table.

These are the few ways you can ensure to avoid a disastrous evening. Taking account of the baby shower ideas and tips mentioned in this article and putting in your own creativity and effort, you would undoubtedly be able to arrange the perfect event for your loved ones; one where everyone enjoys a good time!

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