Top 10 Baby Care Tips for New Moms : A Complete Guide Need To Follow

Are you scared to be a new mom?  Are you scared to be new parents?  Of course!  Being a new mom or parent is the most frightening thing to think about.  Am I going to be a good mom, and I going to be a good parent?  They are all valid thoughts before becoming a parent.  In this article, we will go over 10 baby care tips for new moms and baby tips for new parents.

Top 10 Baby Care Tips For New Moms


Tips 1 – Don’t Be Quiet Around A Sleeping BabyDon’t be quiet -baby care tips for new moms

You do not need to be quiet around sleeping babies.  The womb is loud and the baby is used to it.  You should continue with your daily routine while the baby is sleeping so that he/she can get used to the noise.  Plus, it will allow you to get the cleaning done while you are alone.

Tips 2 – Be Prepared

At about 3 weeks the baby’s nights and days become somewhat predictable.  You should get ready for your hungry baby. Get ready for the next feeding after you just had one.  Then when they are napping during the day you can take time for yourself.

Tips 3 -Calming A Wailing Baby with Baby Swing

When a baby is crying it usually means they are hungry, uncomfortable, stomach issues, or they just want to be held.  First, I would try feeding them. If that doesn’t work, then I would pat them on the back in a heartbeat-like rhythm to try and get them to burp.  It also helps to relax them since they spend 9 months hearing your heartbeat.  Swinging, rocking, and swaddling also works very well.

Tips 4- Sleeping

Sleeping is probably the best tip for moms with newborn babies!  Not only does the baby need sleep but the parents do as well.  I always took at least one nap a day when the baby was asleep.  It helps rejuvenate you so the next nap the baby takes you can get the stuff done that you need to.

Tips 5-Keep Baby Awake During Feedings

It is important to keep your baby awake during feedings so that they eat adequately.  If they eat a good meal they are more than likely to sleep longer between feedings.  If they start to fall asleep try to stroke their cheek with a fingertip, talking to them helps and tickling works too.  This is a great tip for new parents.  If everybody sleeps longer then the stress level will go down and everyone will be calmer.

Tips 6-Don’t Let Baby Sleep In your BedCrib-baby care tips for new moms

This tip is for new moms with newborns.  Don’t let baby sleep in bed with you.  You both need proper rest and sleeping with a newborn is stressful. You don’t get the proper rest because you are to busy worrying about the baby.  Are you going to roll on top of them?  Did you roll over and accidentally hit them with your elbow?  Not to mention they get used to sleeping with you and next thing you know they are 5 years old and still sleeping in your bed.  It is good for everyone to have their own space.

Tips 7-Bonding With Dad

Bonding with dad is a good idea.  It lets the baby get used to someone else other than you.  Dad needs time to figure out why the baby is crying just like you do.  It will help in the long run.

Tips 8 –Let Your Baby Take Charge

If your baby just ate and is still fussing for more food.  Then let them eat more food.  If the baby is tired and already took a short nap let them sleep.  I always say let a sleeping baby sleep.  You don’t have to wake them up because of its been 2 hours and it should be time for them to eat.  They will wake up on their own when they are ready to eat or need a diaper change.

Tips 9-First BathFirst Bath-baby care tips for new moms

A baby’s first bath is always kind of nerve-racking.  Is the water too hot, is there too much water, and is it going to get in their face?  To keep the baby warm cause, you hardly use any water I always put a warm washcloth on their tummy and scoop water on it periodically to keep them warm.  Bath time should be a fun time for them so they don’t hate them in the future.

Tips 10- Don’t Let Anybody Tell You How To Raise Your Baby

This is a great baby care tip for moms with newborn babies and tips for new parents.  Everybody is always quick to tell you how to raise your baby.  You do what you feel is right for your baby and yourselves.  You make your own schedules and go with your gut feeling.  It is usually right.

Conclusion –

It’s always scary becoming a new mom or parent.  It will never be easy, but these baby care tips for new moms can come in handy when you just need a little advice without someone telling you, “well this is how I did it and it worked.”  Always go with my gut instinct and do what feels right for the baby and your family.  You have a baby, enjoy the time they are little, every snuggle, laugh, cry, everything.  Enjoy!!


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